1818 – Freaking Out with Grace Parra and Jennifer Bartels

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Grace Parra and Jennifer Bartels

Grace Parra and Jennifer Bartels


00 – Hello! Jimmy did indeed start the timer! 1818 guys! Jimmy was in St Louis recently but did not cross the mighty mississip. He doesn’t like what he sees out there guys so he doesn’t look out the plane windows, ala Shatner in Twilight Zone.

Happy June everyone!

Jimmy talks about his allergist experiences. He enjoys the new location a lot apparently.

Eliot’s phone vibrates LOUD.

Jimmy talks about the parking booth guy’s hair. Almost tweeted it was the best head of hair he’s ever seen.

Zika virus talk.

05 – Jimmy talks about his St. Louis trip. A lot of great NNF fans came out!

Joe Blankenship! Matt Rude! More people! All nice people.

Jimmy’s been to Eliot’s twice!

Jimmy and Matt talk about kiss not playing kiss songs at LA Kiss games.

helmet_la-kiss10 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the LA Kiss game and what they did every time some loud gunshot effect went off. Jimmy would cover matt Secret Service style.

Jimmy and Matt talk about the people behind them making a comment about them standing when nothing was happening. Jimmy thinks they were mad and Matt thinks she was trying to be funny.

15 – Jimmy calls Eliot out on his researching twitter verifications are.

Verification talk.

Malcolm in the Middle talk.

Fit bit talk! Jimmy might give me his Garmin.

NNF-Mail call copy

20 – Mail time!!

Jimmy’s opening a large package.

It’s from Adam Harmon of Jaws Minute fame.

It’s a signed poster of Les Miserables! Signed by the national touring cast.

Memory cover versions

Grace Parra and Jennifer Bartels are here!

We talk to them about musicals and Jimmy gets mad at Jen!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Don’t squint at the teleprompter guys!

Politics talk!

Calabasas fire talk.

40 – Talking Conan with Grace and editor Rob Ash and his Facebook posts making Jimmy cry.

Jen talks about tasty videos on facebook, including one about a quesadilla in a bowl.

Grace says Guacamole (like with a w?) weirdly and Jen calls her on it for never saying it like that before.

Jimmy falls asleep talking about carbon footprints.

45 – More Guac talk. Jimmy and Jen talk sandwiches.

Bread and butter pickles

Tops off!!!

Tit bit!

I saw X-Men twice.

Jimmy took some heat for his superhero movie comments.


50 – Doc talk!

There’s Something’s Wrong With Aunt Diane. 

Thin – 

Inspired to Ride – 

Finders Keepers – 

55 – Golden Corral talk. 

Jimmy talks about his Cracker Barrel experience where the waitress said Bacon Drippins and he never went back.

Matt talks Claim Jumper.

Jen likes a chain restaurant. We talk about it.

60 – Bacon drippins and defecation.

Grace passes on Chipotle. She hates it.

Chipolte. Jen cant talk right now.

65 – Ruby Tuesday is Jen’s favorite chain.


Grace talks about Elon Musk’s comments on life being a simulation.

Jimmy talks about the first time he heard about Tuesday Morning, from Jen, his oft talked about ex.

70 – Grace’s favorite chain is Red Lobster.

Matt doesn’t trust seafood chains.

[pardostory] Jimmy tells a story about going to Red Lobster with Danielle and being unable to find it since it closed a month earlier and all signage taken down. This was before you could look everything up on the internet.

Mine is Red Lobster.

Black Angus talk.

Ashley Leathers – 

Lady Freak – 

urlGrace and Jen talk about Lady Freak.

80 – Talking The Path on Hulu. Everyone loves it.

Talking Vinyl.

Done with me! Hello Eliot!

Talking about Eliot’s show.

Jen went to see Morgan James last night and had to stand up for 2 ½ hours since there were no seats.

Jimmy enjoys calling friends boy/girl friends. Jimmy’s dad used to refer to his friends that way.

Congrats Eliot on his successful previews.

Apparently the show is at some kind of a bar situation with tall stool like chairs.

85 – Hair talk!

OCD talk.

Jen has Hypothyroidism and is going to see a doctor about a bump on her thyroid.

Jimmy had met Jen before also and he definitely remembers it. Piñata Party.

90 – The girls talk more about Lady Freak.

Talking Monica and Bill Clinton and cigars.


95 – Jen and Grace talks drumsticks in the hooha.

Cucumber talk!

Bread and Butter Pickles.


We’re back!

Matt’s doing good.

Matt tried a chain he’d never heard of before. Jen guesses Shoney’s.

Jimmy tries to guess.

Jen guesses bumps.

It’s Another Broken Egg

100 – Turducken – 

Started in Louisiana in 1985 apparently.

Billie Bird – 

Jen has a commercial audition to go to.

Jen talks about commercial auditions.

Jen says Baguettes wrong.

Puss n’ Cults.

Jen likes Aaron Paul. Her ex-husband is a doctor who does comedy.

110 – Follow the girls on twitter!
Jimmy talks about pee anxiety.

Both Grace AND Jen are verified on twitter.

More twitter talk.

Another Broken Egg Twitter – 

120 – We’re done guys!

Great fun!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth