1805 – Making Magic with Justin Willman

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Justin Willman

Justin Willman


00 – Hello! Indeed and welcome 1805! Welcome aboard! Jimmy sings the Love Boat theme song. Love Boat Lyrics

Jimmy went right to full blown aids.

Oliver says, “we started with some light stretching” when asked about PE.

Matt asks if Jimmy wants a steering wheel installed on the table so he has somewhere to put his hands.

Stroller talk.

Politician talk! Stupid reasons political careers were ruined by.

What happened to Howard Dean? @GovHowardDean

First earwolf show post pardcastathon!

05 – Jimmy takes a moment to talk about PCAT16 and to thank the listeners who donated.

Some auctions still remaining!

Jimmy shows off the seat cushion we will auction off! Signed by all of us.

We all signed some at the event too for the crowd.

Jimmy wonders what is going on with Eliot today.

Welcome to the program! Jimmy is opening a box.

Jimmy shows off the NNF Multitool that is exclusive to VIP Players Club members. Only 10 left!!

More multitool talk

Black knives matter!

15 – Zoe was in a variety show. Matt talks about the show and what the principal did this year. She sang Hamilton.

20 – Jimmy talks about hosting Oliver’s talent show.
Jimmy brought that show one minute under time.

25 – Oliver’s show had an intermission. 22 first half 23 second half. 46 acts total.

Matt wants jimmy to guess how many were at Zoe’s show and the time it lasted.

Too many Adele songs at Oliver’s show apparently.

Jimmy guesses 117 kids, it was 124. He guesses 3.5 hours. It was 3 hours!

3 3-hour shows over the weekend!

30 – Daylight Savings Time screwed up PCAT Recovery.

Jimmy had a great Lyft driver! He used to manage music acts in the 70s and 80s.

Justin Willman is here!!

We talk opening the can!

Matt started watching OJ.

DWP cut Justin’s cable line.

35 – talking switching to directv. Cable and bomb scares.

40 – Justin Willman is here!

He brought a magic bag!

In Studio Magic!

We’ll be back!

We’re back

We’re back! 18 Nickel!

Movie talk!

Matt says the industry replaced tom skerritt with bruce greenwood and no one noticed.

OJ talk.

On set smoking.

More OJ talk.

45 – The Test, Jimmy’s old show that Jillian Barbari took, talk!

Full House ended in 1995.

Shark House show talk.

50 – pee in a pool detector? NO. http://www.snopes.com/science/poolpiss.asp

55 – Jimmy continues going around the room.

Eliot is doing Music in the Key of Murder once a month at Impro Theatre on Vermont and Sunset. 3/26 7PM.

Jimmy is free that night!

Matt suggests we all go.

We all guess who Jimmy is going to see David Gilmour with. We’re all wrong, it’s nobody.

Jimmy enjoyed the last show of Eliot’s.

Justin Willman is here! Jimmy goes through his resume.

He hosted Win Lose or Draw on Disney Channel.

60 – Burt Convy hosted the original show, his daughter was an EP on the version Justin hosted.


Justin’s acted in a few things but mostly hosts.

They’re bringing back cupcake wars and asked Justin to return. He turned them down. He’s doing a pilot for comedy central.

Justin and Jimmy both have worked with Dick Clark’s daughter Cindy.

Todd Newton is tatted up!


65 – Game show talk. Lingo, Scabble, and more. Apparently Chuck Woolery has gone nuts.

Justin talks about his pilots for Comedy Central.

His new show is a docu-series where he solves america’s problems with Magic.

Preproduction starts next week!

Justin is excited to get back to creating plus he has a lot of dates coming up!


70 – Seven months married! Justin’s wife has a food related podcast called Snacks and Hacks. (life hacks)

Travel Hack: take stuff out before weighing your checked bag, then repack it after they tag it.

Lighter fluid in a contact lens container.

Calling his magic tricks is fine. The goal is to make it feel like more than a trick.

Jimmy and Justin talk magic and magicians.

Justin talks about the effect of bad magic on people who rarely see magic.

Justin talks about the business of magic.

75 – Jimmy talks more about magic and asks his questions. He asks where a magician goes to fail, ala open mics.

Justin talks about how he learned and his trial and errors.

Justin talks about tricks failing and how it just takes the wind out of the room.

80 – Jimmy does a Santa is real bit.

Justin loves working at the Magic Castle. He talks about it being invite only. He says it’s always packed.

The new show Love has an episode that features the Magic Castle. Episode 7.

Jimmy talks about the ghost piano at the castle. No one knows how it works.

Justin is going to the Magic Castle tonight just to pop in and watch a show.
He saw the Illusionists and said it was packed. He thinks it might have a bit too much magic in it. It’s 2.5 hour long.

They talk more about the show and the host Jeff Hobson, who was one of Justin’s childhood hero.

85 – More talk about The Illusionists, and Asian manipulation magic.

Geek Magic talk – the gory type of magic.

Justin describes the show as “magic’s greatest hits.”

Jimmy saw Eye in the Sky and calls it “amazingly good.”


90 – More talk about Eye in the Sky.


We’re back! 18 Nickel!

Jimmy talks about the origin of nickel.

Drunk Jimmy at the Shark House.

Magic time!!

Jimmy colors the picture.

Holy shit. He’s wearing the exact colors Jimmy colored in.

Shirt back on. Showing off the goods!

One more trick!

I cant really summarize this. It’s pretty amazing. He pulled the word right out of Jimmy’s head.

Dirty Carson is here!

David Copperfield is one of Justin’s favorites. He thinks he is one of the greatest ever.

Penn and Teller are his current favorites.

Jimmy asks for Justin’s thoughts on female magicians. Justin thinks there are not enough of them and it’s a problem.

Thanks Justin!! First time we’ve had a strip down reveal!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth