16Q – Talking About the End of the World with Mike Siegel

Mike  Siegel

Mike Siegel

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Door is open and closed! Welcome to the Players Club! Jimmy rants about us right out of the gate because Eliot isn’t ready.


Jimmy’ll go to prison to save us from Eliot.

Welcome to 16Q!

Jimmy’s got a new sofa and loveseat coming on Sunday.


Sunday comfie Sunday!

Matt wonders how long you keep a couch? Jimmy’s mom had hers for around 30 years. Matt’s dad still has the couch that Matt grew up on.

That couch and a half is destined for a garage sale or craigslist.

05 – Jimmy likes giving back and making money.

Batman talk! Jimmy mad at a listener who commented on my facebook.

Fantasy Baseball talk!

Opening music disaster!

10 – Jimmy takes the blame for the music issue.

This entire segment is just falling a part.

Jimmy points out that he is ALL OVER this room. If he wants to hear the entire song he hears the whole song.

How dare you Matt! How dare you exaggerate for humor.

Mad Dog is here!!

NNF Fantasy Standings:
1 – Vagabonds of the Night
2 – Spineless Windbags
3 – mush mouth shy guys
4 – Mama said Tanaka You Out
5 – Muck Mulligans.

Up Top commissioner!

Thank you Mad Dog!

15 – Jimmy predicts he wins or ends u in 13th place. There is no middle ground.

70s looking orange couch coming. It’s a Macy’s product.

Our guest today Mike Siegel helped Jimmy move a chair he bought from Pampa or whatever it is he’s saying.

Jimmy saw San Andreas this week. 

Jimmy liked how her character was nice and pleasant and not a spoiled brat. Jimmy found it refreshing that they didn’t make her dramatic.

20 – More Alexandra Daddario chat.

Jimmy went to the 4DX screening. It had a “water on water off” button. It was nauseating. The entire theater was 4dx. No doubt he should have left.

Jimmy couldn’t enjoy the movie because of the chair.

25 – 3D chat. More San Andreas chat. Earthquake chat. Jimmy got spooked by it so he did some research on quakes.

Bill Paxton is super nice apparently according to Danielle.

30 – I start a story.

Our guest is here.

“We talked about 1:30.” – Jimmy to Mike.

They chat about Mike’s sweater. Jimmy wishes the strings were the same color as the sweater.

Mike ran into someone he knows at the coffee shop. Jimmy tries to guess. Mike says he will never guess.

“Could there be more laptops?” – Mike

35 – Danielle and Jimmy went to this acting class Mike was in to see him perform.

Jimmy and Mike talk about the good old days of airport travel including the family members holding the name sign when you get off the plane. Jimmy loves it when Oliver gets here.

Matt wants Jimmy to get him that MC Lyte record.

It was for Record Store Day – 

40 – Jimmy bought some vinyl at Amoeba. It was Stevie Nicks and it was Crystal Clear.


We’re back!

Jimmy has a back up Q word ready.

Mike and Jimmy high five after a crossing each other in bathroom trips.

16 Quartermain! Matt gets a dollar because it was his 2nd choice of word.

Jimmy’s back up word is still in play.

He counts out $222 bucks in his pocket.

Lincoln Mall is gone guys.

Jimmy talks about the mall rivalry he had with an Italian clothes seller.

can troubles

45 – I finish my BJ’s story!

The gang talks BJs and Shakeys.

Mama Mancini meatballs!

Oliver’s favorite pizza is Little Caesers!!

50 – Pizza Pizza!

Amazon bought Woot?? 

Muppets Take Manhattan: 

55 – Matt just got his haircut. He went to floyd’s. He’s not sure he wants to give out the stylist’s name.

Turns out her name is Jenna.

U2 perform City of Blinding Lights at the Forum. Photo by Darryl Asher,

U2 perform City of Blinding Lights at the Forum. Photo by Darryl Asher,

60 – Mike went to the U2 show with Pat Francis.

They just put an elevation sign on the 101 apparently.

Mike recounts the time that Jimmy took earplugs from Mike at a Kiss concert. After a minute of Ted Nugent they took some plugs from Mike.

U2 Show chat!!

The Roxy show setlist

Here it is, slavedriver

Lots of celeb sightings at the U2 show!

65 – Mike talks about people holing their phones up and blocking the view.

The farther away the better on the floor guys.

Mike has not experienced the 4XD style theaters. Get rid of it. Get rid of 3D!!

More U2 talk. Mike tells us more about the show and the Celebs.

PB: Pierce Brosnan!

Matt notices the dollar he got from Jimmy is uneven.

70 – Actress: TC – Toni Colette.

Matt’s guessing game is on point.

Eliot’s here! His Q word is Quorum. He crossed out Q-Tip.

Jimmy tried to dry out his ear with a q-tip while he was driving.

Mike is glad to hear Jimmy is on the Silicon Valley train.

Jimmy loves Sam Richardson on Veep!

Dan Bakkedahl – 

Marc Unger – 

75 – Jimmy is fascinated to hear that Marc Unger is on Veep.

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Real estate question for Eliot! Mike wants to know what they use to publicize vacancies. They use the same stuff he used.

1700 SF in Miracle Mile/Mid Wilshire. He wants $3150. He’ll make a deal with someone he likes.

80 – Is the floor open for questions? It is! Eliot questions us about coupons. He is uncomfortable using it. He then explains his trick for getting cheap wine without his date knowing.

We lost the oldest hippy. Sad.

Mike saw the 2nd to last Dead show in Chicago.

Jimmy on Greatful Dead: Five guys got together and decided to be boring.

85 – Lot of white people at the U2 shows. Mike questions how colorful the Bryan Adams audience was.

Bryan Adams did the soundtrack songs and they till suck according to Jimmy. Bryan Adams opened the show doing all the songs from reckless. Then he did more songs from his career.

Quizno’s is Mike’s word!

Jimmy talks about the Quizno’s near his old place that was owned by two housewives.

90 – Donut chat. Dunkin’ Donuts heading to LA. Great if you like stale donuts!

Matt will eat dunkin’ donuts like an asshole if you put him in front of him despite acknowledging that they are terrible.


Another celeb at U2: JC not Joni Collete or Jimmy Jarter. Not James Caan.

Jimmy talks about Conan trying to joke about Entourage.

95 – Entourage has a 31% 

We talk Mike’s cars.

More JC guesses: James Cordon! Matt continues his guessing!

100 – Rock Star

melissa-mccarthyJudas Priest chat!

105 – Melissa McCarthy’s EW Cover: 

Mike was on Mike and Molly.

We talk about it.

Guys talk about what they’ve been recognized from.


Its time for some 7 in 7!

Matt talks about Kung Fury.

The Hoff gets it. Jimmy and Matt think he is forced to get it.

110 – Eliot thinks the Hoff can come back and lead a film. “Get off his dick, Eliot!” – Matt.

Jimmy gives to Mike: 19 pts (Sports)
Matt gives to Jimmy/Mike: 14 (Sports)
Mike gives to Jimmy/Matt: 6 (+/-)(Sports)

Mike wants another shot.

Jimmy gives to Matt/Mike: 24(Celebrity)

120 – as a reminder those Bryan Adams songs suck.

Jimmy found a backstage pass on the ground. A VIP Meet and Great pass actually. He found it and returned it. He had Pat with him, who did not bring records to be signed. The lady who he turned the pass into recognized Jimmy. No benefits from that. He was recognized again at will call. Pat asked if that was going to happen all night. It did not.

Matt wonders what Jimmy would do if Bryan Adams asked him his thoughts on Have you ever really loved a woman”

Matt describes that song as the only thing getting 60 year old pussies wet.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth