1615 – Specializing with Lauren Lapkus

Lauren Lapkus

Lauren Lapkus

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher
Podcast: With Special Guest, Lauren Lapkus.

00 – Hello! 1615! I was at 7/11!

Guys talking Nashville live. They talk about taking pictures with artists standing next to them performing.

They had great seats!

05 – Jimmy wanted to show up in a cowboy hat. He actually went store to store to find one.

Both Matt and Jimmy had dinner with their wives but neither thought to ask the other if they should all go together.

On record, Jimmy thinks he enjoyed the show more than everyone else.

The performers did songs from the show and in most cases one of their own songs.


Matt didn’t like the one song each beginning. Jimmy enjoyed it.

10 – Chip Estin was the “Star” of the show but musically on stage, he isn’t.

Eliot makes a comment about the show and Deacon being sick. Everyone falls silent except me laughing.

Jimmy talks about a couple of girls in front of them who were wrapped up in the characters from the show. “It’s a TV show ladies.” – Jimmy

Here is Claire Bowen singing Drum in Minneapolis

No surprise special guests showed up at the show.

15 – More Nashville live chat.

20 – Claire Bowen favorited Matt’s tweet. 

Our guest is here! Jimmy fills her in on the Nashville live show.

Jimmy explains the terrible error Matt committed today. He told her the wrong time and made us look the fool. Lauren takes no blame. Matt tries to put it on Jimmy for creating the email template.

Jimmy wants that baseball jingle edited!!

Jimmy saw Finger Fumbling at Coachella live!

Jimmy is balancing some glasses perfectly on his nose.

Jimmy wants it on record that he enjoyed Nashville Live.

We’ll be back!

25 – Welcome back! 1615! Lauren’s day is shot to shit after Matt’s screw-up. She emailed in her car.

WebMD talk. Lauren got a new dog! Her first since she was young. She had a sick dog and then at one point her dad bought her mom a Dalmatian, which they literally sent to a farm.

Lauren grew up in Evanston, Ill. Lauren grew up across the street from Northwestern but she went to DePaul.

Jimmy saw Meatloaf at a bar there. Later, he actually talked about the show with Meatloaf who described it as the worst show of their life.

30 – He’ll do everything for love except that one thing – Jimmy on Meatloaf.


Donald Trump, Jr.

Jimmy and Pat almost fought over the attractiveness (or none) of Ivanka Trump.

Delta petition story – 

Jimmy’s back is to Matt!!

35 – Ernest P. Worrell

Jim Varney


Blended it is! Actually nope.

Are You Here it is!


Checking in on La Familiare. There is an opening! Single +Loft.

40 – Lauren guesses $1300 for the rent.

Jimmy comments that Lauren’s eyes, shirt and the wall behind her are the same shade.

She adjusts her guess to $1700. Jimmy says 1745. Matt guesses $1675. I guess $1550 and am correct apparently?

Lauren talks about a roommate tossing a bunch of her stuff over the balcony and left it all in the yard.

Pick up a Casper mattress with a code word Pardo!

Lots of September birthday.

Lauren gives us some details about Virgos.

Lauren asks about the Rachel Quaintance coasters. She thinks she looks like Meg Ryan.

45 – Jimmy explains the origin of he and Rachel and AMC losing their direction after cancelling Movies at Our House with shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men.

Lauren’s on a new show called Clipped! It starts June 18 on TBS.

They film at WB lot in Burbank. Jimmy surprised he hasn’t spotted her.

DVR Ratings – Most networks use Nielsen’s Live Plus service to track ratings. Live Plus looks at who watched shows on their DVRs within different time frames. Generally, it tracks three major categories: Live-Plus-Same-Day, Live-Plus-Three and Live-Plus-Seven. Each one looks at a broader timeframe, so Live-Plus-Same-Day looks not only at who was watching when the show aired, but also who watched the show that day and the next. Live-Plus-Three and Live-Plus-Seven track who watched within three and seven days of the original airing, respectively. When Nielsen first rolled out its Live Plus service, network executives were uncertain, but it’s become an industry standard.

50 – Lauren’s character on Orange Is The New Black was fired. Jimmy asks how Lauren got involved with that show. She did a self taped audition and mailed it in.

First season she stayed with friends on air mattresses. For season 2, she got a hotel.

Casper mattress gets another mention!

More background on Lauren! She did improv in Chicago then moved to NYC and joined UCB for classes before she came out to Los Angeles.

Jimmy gives Lauren his background. Jimmy is part of the improv world but he doesn’t really know it well.

55 – Jimmy explains Asscat. He thinks it is some of the most brilliant comedy he’s ever seen. Lauren does both versions of Asscat.

Amy’s not coming guys.

Lauren talks about a celeb who had a lot of teen girl fans who came to the show. They didn’t get improv.

It was Matthew Gray Gubler – 


60 – Lauren loved To Catch A Predator. “Don’t do gross shit!” – Lauren

Here is the story Matt was talking about about the guy accused of being a pedophile – 

65 – Jimmy talks about feeling bad for the families of the guys caught on To Catch A Predator. We talk about the differences between illness or fetish involved with pedophilia or older teenagers.

Jimmy talks about a show in Maryland where these girls where hanging out with them. Turns out they were a high school basketball team instead of the College basketball that everyone assumed. Nothing happened with Jimmy and the girl but another guy did end up with one of the girls.

70 – Matt’s improv skills fail miserably and we all call him on it. Jimmy tries to help him out of it.

Jimmy asks about learning division. Oliver is in 2nd grade and is learning it.

We’re taking a break. Jimmy wants to get into Lauren’s head.

We’re back!

Lauren is in Jurassic World! Jimmy is very excited about it but didn’t know when it came out.

George Zimmerman was shot apparently – 

75 – Go for a walk! Leave your phone at home. Jimmy used to run with his iPhone 5. His 6 is too big.

Lauren is married?! Her husband is Chris Alvarado. One year as of May 3. Congrats!

It’s a tough day for Matt.

80 – Lauren brings a character when asking about our hunger. Rare 2 show day. No lunch.

Lauren talks local pizzas.

Jimmy’s lived in Baldwin Hills for 6 years. Not a very diverse life in the south side of Chicago.

Lauren had a very diverse life. Oak Forest High School was called Honkey High.

Jimmy talks about how going back home is so eye opening because it hasn’t changed at all in terms of race.

His neighborhood is great, great neighbors, etc. Jimmy talks about a neighbor waiting for them to park so he could tell Danielle Happy Mothers Day.

Lauren does want kids.

85 – Jimmy guesses Lauren’s age at 24 but based on what Lauren says, 29. He is exactly right.

Follow up Matt!!!

Jimmy shivs Eliot over his sushi talk.

Someone came in and thought Matt was Jimmy.

Lauren believes people should ALWAYS tell you their name when you see them.

Jimmy talks about some guy coming up to him talking as if they knew each other. Jimmy had to stop him and find out who he was.

90 – If you are a stranger maybe don’t hug Lauren.

Lauren talks about meeting her husband. They had a long distance relationship for 2 and a half years seeing each other only every few months.

Lauren plays Ho Ho the elf who brings gifts to naughty boys and girls on Comedy Bang Bang (podcast).

Lauren talks about her podcast, With Special Guest, Lauren Lapkus. It’s on earwolf, all imrpov.

Stitcher chat.

95 – Time for 7s! iPhones are flawless. Eliot radiates heat apparently. Jimmy wishes he was ice cold right now.

The iPhone 6 is the 9/11 of communication. Never forget it.

Jimmy gives to Matt and Lauren: 22 Points (TV Shows)
Jimmy gives to Matt and Lauren: 23 Points (Celebrity)
Lauren gives to Matt and Jimmy: 15 Points (Movies)
Lauren gives again to Matt and Jimmy: 25 Points(Food)
Lauren gives again to Matt and Jimmy: 13 Points (TV Shows)

7 in 7 created by NNF Fan Travis Blaine!

What a great time!

See you next time!!

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