16N – Fantasizing with Erin Foley

Sporty Erin Foley

Sporty Erin Foley

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


16 Nugget

00 – what is happening! Welcome!! Clock alarm is going bananas! More listeners on earwolf but we treat the players club much better!

The glue on the magnet failed.

I never said either of those things on facebook.

Jimmy hates Avengers 2!

pitch-perfectMatt watched Pitch Perfect over the weekend and loved it!

05 – Oliver liked it! Jimmy and other fam not a fan.

Avengers marvel talk.

Jimmy getting a new front door.

“Shut the front door!” – Matt

10 – Jimmy talks about comic movies he likes.

Jimmy can’t wait for San Andreas.

Matt talks about old school movies that are far superior to the current action movies.

Earthquake talk!

Apparently not fracking related.

15 – Was Mad Dog Russo fired? Doesn’t appear to be true.
Jimmy a few minutes late due to man in his house fixing the door.

New album from Vance Gilbert 

Nearness of You

Jimmy Mad Dog gives the NNF Fantasy Baseball rundown. Jimmy is in 2nd place!

Erin Foley is here!!!

She and Jimmy are in a fantasy league together. Erin is 24/24/2.

20 – Jimmy talks about the fantasy league. Apparently a couple of assholes are in that group who didn’t wanna change anything.

Matt wonders if it’s polite to ask how much money Jimmy has in Fantasy Baseball currently.

Jimmy not a fan of head to head.

Jimmy will do one year in this group once he wins then he is out.

25 – Erin’s thoughts on fantasy coming post break. She has about 4 hours worth of fantasy ranting to go through.

Get out of this league!

Erin says it’s a full time job without pay, this league.

Erin and Jimmy wanna get on the DL.

Teacher salaries turn everyone’s stomach.

30 – Erin and Jimmy did go head to head and Erin came out guns blazing. Jimmy won though.

1% of listeners love the fantasy Baseball talk apparently.

No cheaters on Jimmy’s team. Or sport hunters.

We’ll be right back!!

Welcome back!!

Jimmy jumped in, thought everyone was ready, maybe not.

16 Naugahyde 

No winner!

Balderdash talk!

“An apparatus used…” what Jimmy uses on all the balderdash answers.

35 – The TSA did NOT exist prior to 9/11 

Erin talks about seeing TSA agents with canteens right after 9/11.


Jimmy sings some cantina song.

40 – Erin wonders about Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Panel talks about favorite comedies. Spaceballs, Airplane, etc.

Guys wonder if Airplane holds up and if someone today would like it as much if they’d never seen it before.

Jimmy on Naked Gun: Leslie was great until he started playing it funny.

dracSome Brooks will hear Jimmy thoughts on Dracula Dead and Loving It

Chris Gaines album a good pop album. One of jimmy’s favorites of “no-time.”

45 – Alabama Shakes album. Erin’s team next year may just be called the Joyless Fucks.

You gotta have stakes in fantasy sports!

Erin’s team is the Rockford Peaches! Fitting as she is the only woman in the league.

50 – Erin loves having more knowledge about the sports.

Roberto Hernandez info 

Matt talks bball. Exciting basketball game talk.

55 – Erin thinks Cleveland is charming. You have to be an asshole to not like LL Cool J according to Erin.

Erin was just in Bloomington. They love Jimmy there.

Erin talks about her experiences on the Bob and Tom show. Once they found out she was gay and loves sports, she was in and on for like 3 hours.

60 – Nugget and Chicken Fries talk.

Nugget is my word!


65 – Jimmy true/falses kissing Sally Struthers.

Elayne Boosler

Jimmy suggests that Erin binge Justified.

29095Jimmy is enjoying the anticipation of Mad Men.

Erin’s shows: Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Veep!

Guys talk about performances in Orphan Black and other similar roles.

70 – Erin can’t believe she waited so long to watch Veep.

Jimmy wonders how Julia Louis Dreyfuss gets more and more beautiful every day.

Only info on Julia Louis Dreyfuss city is Los Angeles.

Erin was just in Iowa. She talks about the quad-cities.

75 – Eliot’s N-word is Natchez. (correct spelling). 

80 – 8 Greatest Wrestling Families

No idea which Richard Gere movie Jimmy is talking about 

85 – How does Erin not know there is a new Avengers movie?

Unprecedented 2nd break! (yknow like last week.). Jimmy’s gotta pee.


Welcome back!

Jimmy tried to catch Eliot off guard. Almost!

Matt’s word was nougat!

Panel talk Brian Regan. Matt talks about his jokes.

90 – Jimmy talks about Todd Glass’ airplane joke impersonating George Carlin.

Matt talks about the Brian Regan, “You Too” joke.

Erins N word was Nasty.

Paula Abdul appears in the Nasty video.

7in7Can anyone name someone who became a pop star off The Voice?

95 – Erin talks about reenacting the Voice at a karaoke night that had too many great singers.

7 in 7 time!

Matt talks about the JP sound board.

Jimmy gives to Matt and Erin (Celebrity): 18 points
Matt gives to Erin and Jimmy (Sports): 24 Points
Erin gives to Matt and Jimmy (Food): 8 points!

Jimmy sings a 707 song.

Erin went to a Nationals game in DC recently.

Bryce Harper 

Erin has a question but Jimmy has his headphones out so he cant hear a word she is saying.

Erin wonders if all the metaphysical talk is an LA thing. Or is it a lady thing?

Panel wonders how fortunetellers afford store-fronts in great neighborhoods.

Jack Nicholas sports center chat.

Matt is a fan of excellence.

“Sand wedge right in that puss.” – Jimmy on Tiger Woods getting his game back. (Note from Darryl: if you’re like me, you thought he said “sandwich right in that puss” at first.)

Tiger fails to reach woman’s tee 

Golf talk.

Erin gives one more round to Matt and Jimmy: 13 points (Music)

Erin confuses Little Richard for Chuck Berry.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

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