16J – Treading Lightly with Todd Glass

Todd Glass sees something more interesting than the camera

Todd Glass sees something more interesting than the camera

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No in studio notes; all notes and editing by Darryl Asher


0- Jimmy has the wrong season right outta the box

Tony Thaxton sitting in for sicko Garon, which is why I (Darryl) am doing these notes, because Tony is an excellent drummer, not a note-taker

Tony’s podcast: Feliz Navipod

Tony went to Conan an saw Brian Wilson

Earthquake talk! (Not the comedian)

Eliot can’t tell the difference between an earthquake and a small child on the stairs

Earthquake epicenter near Jimmy’s house, maybe at the Target

5- Jimmy’s mom’s cat felt the earthquake before people

Wham Rap (AGAIN!)

Jimmy ran the Hollywood half-marathon

Jimmy finished in pain




For 50 bucks – who did the album Into the Gap

Jimmy loses $50 to Tony Thaxton

180 gram vinyl

15- Jimmy finds a way to make his $50 loss a business expense

Fantasy Baseball update with Jimmy Mad Dog Russo

Jimmy likes the old-timey feel of the Fantasy Baseball update music

The Lumbermen – Cody Perrin’s team consists of mostly Cardinals

20- Real talk about fantasy sports

Too much info might be detrimental to the fantasy games

25- Jimmy seems to think that his rooting for a player actually has an outcome on their performance, Tiger Town style

Modern Marvels disasters – Eliot’s first improv show? (Matt)

freshofftheboatFresh Off the Boat – lotta funny!

Eliot’s close personal friend is on that show, but he can’t remember her name

Pizza is here! Which is great because I’m starving.


30- 16 Jackal or Jaguar or Journey

Todd didn’t write down a J word

Radio stations that give money away (like NNF)

WMAQ is gonna make me rich!

Shockingly, Jimmy got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for obnixious behavior

35- Todd Glass’s mom had a bird that said “I’m thirsty,” which fooled his aunt into giving the bird water

virtual_insanityChecking in with fill-in Tony Thaxton – his word Jamiroquai

Todd wants to know: how much is a mall kiosk?

40- A throw-down over who is good at math

Todd wants the airport/mall massage places to have a curtain

Public massage talk

Jimmy had a great mall massage and a horrible airport massage

45- Tony is trying to find kiosk rent amounts – $3500/mo for one place he found

Todd loves the Farmer’s Market by The Grove

Ice cream / soft serve / custard / truck custard

Todd needs very explicit over-explained explanations

50- The lady who scolded Todd for yelling last time was not very nice

Eliot has a pinky ring and thumb ring

Seeing someone get tazered who deserves it is fulfilling

helmet_la-kissLA KISS talk

Jimmy and Oliver have great seats, ruined by some assholes nearby

55- Todd has some very specific situations where he would love to see a tazer used

LA KISS has gotten ride of the cage-girls and a more professional announcer

Drunken frat tazing

Jimmy’s show pitch “You’ve Been Tazed!”

60- Todd thinks people will worry about him based on this show

Before his sleeve tattoo, Todd had a fake sleeve tattoo he got from a party

Suits are uncomfortable, especially on a plane

Tattoo … party … eighties

Todd rants about people who act like they were listening by repeating a few words they heard

65- Todd goes back to tell something that he can’t remember at all

Todd doesn’t need any more tats

Todd has a Mr. Rogers reference in his tattoo

ALso a Getting Doug with High reference

Eliot’s J-word – Jellybean

70- Todd wants to know – favorite jellybean?

Sneakers / sneaks / tennis shoes / gym shoes / running shoes

Tony insists that in Michigan they just called them “shoes”

75- Plastic bags under snow boots

Civilized adults don’t need snow boots

Jimmy Dore’s Jon Benet joke gets shut down by a heckler

A marathon team was wearing “Isis” shirts

To “Jimmy Dore” is now to shut down a rant with logic


DEATH STARE (at Eliot’s L. Qaeda joke)

More Fresh Off the Boat talk

Matt “Jimmy Dores” Jimmy’s Fresh Off the Boat rant

80- Mail call!

Todd wants to know about

Ryan Hamilton Walsh sent mail

180 gram vinyl


Ryan sends a Halleluia the Hills album to Jimmy, but he can’t pronounce halleluia



Note from Darryl: Although I refuse to be shamed into correcting my spelling, I will put the correct spelling here along with a link to the band’s website so it can be found in a search: Hallelujah the Hills.

Jimmy wants everyone to feel the vinyl. FEEL IT!!!!

85- Jimmy’s turntable purchase info

Jimmy’s got 2 turntables, and a microphone

Drew Hastings is Jimmy’s earbud inspiration

The current generation of comedians is getting better the older they get

90- “Not everything was better in the old days!” is Todd’s new “hang a curtain”

Important apartment complex update

95- Jimmy’s heading to Ann Arbor, one of his top five clubs

Matt’s J-word – Jalepeno!

Todd has more to say (quietly) about Nature Box

Jimmy keeps trying to say halleluia. Fails.

100- Todd’s J-word was Jonathan

Todd wants to irritate people by saying Hillary Clinton will win

Todd wants to know when the plugs happen

Dice and his lady show up

Who else will run for the dems?

105- Todd thinks the republicans don’t have a chance, Jimmy disagrees, due to disenchantment with Obama

Everyone has an opinion about the next presidential election
Eliot thinks third party candidates should be able to throw thier votes to another candidate

Pebble watch will change the world!

Matt bought on and used it for an hour

Jimmy thinks the Apple Watch is beautiful

110- Jimmy confronts Todd head-on about him talking on the phone while on the treadmill



115- Todd thinks Jimmy is wrong, so wrong, about him being out of breath on the phone on the treadmill

Jimmy is under high pressure to make Todd laugh at the gym

Jimmy calls Todd’s manager’s office to check on whether Todd calls from the treadmill, and whether it bugs them

120- Jimmy waves at Blackhorse Motors whenever he drives by, just in case Todd is there


Todd ramps up into another Nature Box promo, but a quiet one this time.

AK-47 gone, not fotgotten.

-Never Not Notes founder and curator, Darryl Asher

Suede, the half-Hitler cat

Suede, the half-Hitler cat. Leaving this because I put it here before I had notes done.