16H – Burning Love with Danielle Koenig

Danielle Koenig, happy to be here

Danielle Koenig, happy to be here

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


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00 – Hello! Jimmy’s tinny!! Sounds okay now. Strange at the top. Indeed! Welcome to the program!

Jimmy’s senses are on high alert. He smells salami sandwich. Matt had a tostada today. Tostada this tostada that.

Eliot is back! He was ill, went to the doc, possibly pneumonia.

Jimmy talks medicine to Eliot. He’s an antibiotic expert. Eliot is apparently now allergic to penicillin.

Whatever Eliot said, “doesn’t track” according to Matt.

We’re done talking to Eliot today.

Silence is the best medicine, Eliot.

We’re going through a drought so Jimmy and Danielle drove in together.

She’s emailing!

05 – Matt took some injuries in a bounce house.

Matt suspects 73 rug burns. Jimmy suspects like 20.

Eliot is crunching on some baked Cheetos.

Jimmy and Matt talk what kind of snacks we have in the kitchen. No one eats the snacks at Pardcastathon.

Jimmy describes his elaborate attack on whoever asks about snacks on the next pardcastathon.

OSH has clothes now? The one on LaBrea does! Eliot and Jimmy call it huge and beautiful. Jimmy talks about the wonders of Home Depot.

10 – Jimmy got a 180-gram vinyl of a Journey bootleg. He also got Van Halen 1984 and Toto 14. Jimmy not a fan of the production on that new Toto album.

180 gram vinyl

Sonically 180-gram is better.

Jimmy believes his credenza is made out of Teak.

15 – Jimmy explains the place of a woman.

Jimmy guesses the Oscar winning celebrity who was in the building.

Lionel Richie did indeed win an Oscar –  for Say You Say Me.

Jimmy correctly guesses Common!

Archibald Leech is Cary Grant’s real name.

Common’s real name is Lonnie Lynn.

Jimmy would have guessed Cher had it gotten to a letter hint.

20 – Are we breaking news?

Check out Never Not Viney and Never Not Quotes!

25 – Oliver is off at Lego Land so Danielle is here!!

Jimmy thinks Oliver’s friend’s family is going to sell him. He’s worth minimum 10 grand. 40% of his impressions are good. Danielle says she is bouncing around the 3rd tier of cable. Jimmy says Playboy is 19th tier.

30 – Take down fashion police! Danielle is not a needy cookoo head per Matt.

Danielle talks about watching baby videos of Oliver and jimmy just talking through it all trying to get oliver to acknowledge him. Jimmy tells a story about an old home movie where his dad was filming and Jimmy kept saying, “Dad look at me!” over and over. Finally he panned to Jimmy and he wasn’t doing anything.

Jimmy’s hair in the Oliver videos was danny zuko black.

We’ll be back!!

We’re back! Door is open and closed! Lady in the room!

The gang sings some Klymaxx. 

We lost Rick James. He’s up in some kind of school in the sky.

Kylmaxx is associated with Prince.

35 – Jimmy’s gonna do some justified featured violence.

Dear John – 

Billie Bird was in Dear John!

Billy Bush is cousins with George W. Bush – 

Jere Burns – 

40 – we go through Jere Burns filmography

50 – Talking about movies we’ve walked out of.

Coach returning!

Jerry Van Dyke is alive – 


55 – Some talk about Going Clear.

General Hospital Scientology reference

60 – More Scientology talk. Tom Cruise talk.

70 – Disconnect talk! More Scientology talk.

75 – Jimmy talks about how Danielle made him laugh the other day while he was looking at promo photos.

16 Hootie!!! I win!!!

180 gram vinyl

80 – No 180g vinyl for hootie.

Celeb sighting, Jack Osborne!

Eliot’s H word was Hotel, The. He thought that was a band, turns out it was The Motels.

85 – Danielle knew Shawnee Smith in her youth.

Matt’s word was Heart.

Danielle’s was Hypocrisy.

The Styx song Jimmy is taking about. High Crimes and Misdemeanors (Hip Hop-Crazy)

We’re finally talking Nashville!

90 – Nashville concert tour is coming to LA on May 9! 

Disney on Ice has two shows now. Frozen and Worlds of Fantasy.

100 – More Nashville chat. The Triple Exes.

Matt doesn’t care what the creator of Gif says, he will pronounce it with a hard g.

Matt grills Danielle on her usage of Frankenstein vs Frankenstein’s Monster.

105 – Frankenstein’s Monster in Public Domain – 

Celeb sightings by neighborhood. Tim Conway Jr chat. 


Oliver wants to watch The Twilight Zone. Danielle wants to show him Carol Burnette.

Talking about movies that scare the kids.

115 – Jimmy and Mike Siegel saw A Bugs Life together after a set.

Kids in the Hall coming to LA in June 

Jimmy really wants Jere Burns on the show.

Long Players Club! We’re done.

Thanks for listening! Next week Jimmy will have an update on the NNF Fantasy League.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth