1606 – Making Friends with Alison Rosen

Alison Rosen

Alison Rosen

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend Podcast

00 – Hello welcome in to episode 6 of the 16th season.

Jimmy thinks Debbie Gobson sings Electric Blue. In fact, it is Electric Youth. Electric Blue is by Icehouse.

Jimmy talks about a concert he saw of them that he still isn’t sure why they were even booked.

Jimmy took a Zirtec.

Eliot is not here today. He is at a board game manufacturers convention pitching his game. Jimmy hopes he gets some interest so he can get rid of that mustang or at least give it a wash.

Matt suggests Jimmy treat himself to a no sight day. Matt lays out the details, including learning brail in the morning.

05 – Jimmy lists his top five Matts. Jimmy talks about Cliff Floyd.

Jimmy went out to Frank and Sons out in the City of Industry.

lotta Hispanic nerds. Jimmy talks about this Asian guy whining to his friends about something. His friends all leave him and he whines “why are you all leaving me?!”

Jimmy thinks of a joke, “I dunno, I’ve known you one second and I can’t wait to get away from you.” And blurt laughs at his own joke. He laughed at it the way home too.

10 – Jimmy talks about the pop figures. Oliver got some Legos. Jimmy went for some sports cards and Planet of the Apes stuff. He walked away with nothing.

Eliot’s off on assignment. Joseph Limbaugh is here filling in for Eliot. Jimmy’s known him for a while. He worked with him on Acme’s Hollywood Saturday Night.

Making fun of Eliot is not as much fun without him in the room.

Jimmy talks to Joseph about the trip to Vegas.

His girlfriend proposed to him!

Joseph walks us through the proposal.

It’s a really great engagement story.

She pulled out a ring box. Joseph asks her if she just proposed to him and Ash points to the shark tank where a diver is holding a sign that says, “yes she did.”

15 – Jimmy is not a fan of the public proposal, especially at a ball game, but he and matt both loved this proposal.

Joseph talks about the tour they went on and wondering if they were gonna swim with sharks.

Family and friends were there to surprise them also. Joseph loves surprises and loved the whole proposal situation.

2 day vegas trip. They stayed at the Artisan (off the strip).

20 – Jimmy recounts Oliver’s exclamation point observation (he tweeted it) and that Oliver did impressions of superheroes without exclamation points.

Oliver bought his own stuff at Frank and Sons.

Where is the change Matt?? Apparently Zoe collects change from around the house.

Jimmy almost ran in the marathon, to the point that he almost bought a bib from craigslist. The hassle of getting there kept him from doing it. The act of getting there and home felt like too much of a hassle. Not even the 26 miles.

Matt implores Jimmy to train if he does it. He doesn’t want a blow out of Jimmy’s knee. Jimmy says he gets knee injury around mile 9 or 11. (never forget).

25 – Jimmy thinks he can do 18 miles no problem.

Jimmy knows someone that did the marathon under 4 hours, a friend of Matt’s did as well.

Jimmy cant imagine doing a marathon in less than 5.5 hours.

No date yet for the Joseph/Ash wedding. Probably next year.

Matt admits to not liking gambling! He doesn’t get the “jazz out of it”.

The gambling’s not gonna stop!

Ash is short for Ashley.

Jimmy forgets. He doesn’t know what his cousins do for a living. They told him once so he can’t ask them again.

Stepmom feels weird once you pass a certain age.

Jimmy explains his views on stepsiblings.

30 – I, like a jaguar in the night, go get our guest.

More step sibling talk.

35 – Chet Baker

Jimmy does some Wham Rap for us. This is the first time Joseph has heard it. He liked it and hopes it comes up a lot. Jimmy suspects 25 times.

Matt’s gonna step in a bear trap. Jimmy wonders if season one Matt has arrived. Matt says he’s gotta make up for Eliot.

We may have a live draft situation.

Jimmy has never met our guest before and his first sentence is to yell at her to sit down.

Jimmy explains how we got Alison Rosen on the show.

She has a gold iPhone. Jimmy approves of it.

Alison references the dress color issue.

Jimmy wanted the gold but Matt got in his head so he went silver.

“Look around honey!” – Jimmy

40 – We’re taking a break!!

Welcome back!

Jimmy came in early on Joseph’s count.

Jimmy tells Alison that Eliot is in Vegas because he’s a Skydiving Elvis.

The Artisan has a Tapas pool. In fact it is a Topless Pool. Jimmy asks if Alison would participate in a topless pool. She would not. She is good to have her goods covered.

Jimmy wears a rash guard. He has body shame. He keeps his tattoos covered up at parties.

45 – No one was splashing around in the pool it was too cold. Matt wonders if Ash would participate, Joseph isn’t sure.

Alison thinks the topless pool isn’t a couples type thing.

Matt wouldn’t go down to the topless pool. He’d creep from his window.

Jimmy thinks if its topless then the guys should be bottomless.

Jimmy’s going to go around the room but he gives Alison the lowdown on the Joseph proposal. He is fine with being asked!

Alison wants to hear the story about Joseph’s proposal.

50 – The secret is out, I answer emails for Uber.

Stop texting and driving Alison!

Jimmy true Falses about his Eli Roth interview.

Joseph recounts his proposal.

Alison loves it.

Congrats to Joseph!

We’re done with Joseph!

55 – We talk about Chef. I give it a 9.

Alison talks about swearing off Reddit threads about her. She’s still looking at twitter though.

YouTube has the worst comments she says.

Jimmy enjoys twitter.


60 –Bets on goonies release


Alison needs to break a twenty. Jimmy can’t.

Alison went to Pomona College.

Alison talks about the live shows in Uber.

Jimmy sits in the front seat when he Ubers.

The panel talks about front vs back in an uber.

Alison’s life: Oakland to OC to Claremont to NY to OC to Hollywood. Or something.

65 – She gives us the history. She is no long with Corolla. She wants to flex her muscles on her own. Apparently, Adam never turns on his arcade machines.

Jimmy tries to guess what the pinball machine was. Alison doesn’t remember.

Happy 1-year anniversary.

Alison was also in Santa Barbara and got sick too. She was there the same time as Jimmy. They’re both still slightly under the weather.

We try to spell Alison’s husband’s name. It’s Quantz! Jimmy gets it!

Goonies came out June 7, 1985.

70 – Jimmy counts his money for us.

Alison has been with Daniel for 4 years. Together 3, married 1, proposed after 2. Jimmy guesses it all right.

The man upstairs doesn’t care for them living together. Matt sets Jimmy up again because Mr. Roper doesn’t care for it either.



75 – All Good Things is the Ryan Gosling film sort of based on Robert Durst.

Jimmy calls The Jinx fascinating.

Alison is a newsperson but doesn’t like gore.

Donna Loren – 

Alison had a crush on the artful dodger from Oliver.

Jack Wild played the Artful Dodger – 

Alison also had a crush on a young Alan Alda.

80 – Her husband deals with distribution. She thinks he is VP of Operations.

Everything is falling apart! The light goes out, Matt hits his head.

Alison reveals that Adam is not a fan of excess light. He hasn’t been on since 2011.

Jon White – He made a graphic for the 7/11 mystery.

It’s awesome!

Thanks Jon!

85 – Jimmy uses a very fragrant lotion instead of purel. We gotta take a break for Jimmy to acid wash his hands.

8 year olds on those wheel shoes are frightening!



Jimmy is gonna start over even though were not starting over.

We’re gonna keep going.

Jimmy sings some Reflex.


90 – Jimmy true or falses matt being afraid of Wild Boys by Duran Duran. Matt tells Alison all about it. The Witches by Roald Dahl + Wild Boys = Nightmares for Matt.

Jimmy and Danielle have a heated conversation about Wildboys. Danielle thinks it’s whiny. Oliver: It is a little whiny.


True or false! Wildboys was the studio track on the love album Arena.

Alison was in a band called The Angoras. They were in the OC and not a cover band. Let’s not forget Alison is from OAKLAND. She started as a drummer in the band but left for San Fran. She ended up returning two days later and became the guitarist. She wrote a song called “Welcome to the Mind Fuck.”

95 – Matt and Alison are gonna write a wildboys parady. Alison talks more about The Angoras. 97 – 2001ish. They were pop punk. Someone said they sound like a cross between the gogos and white zombie.

Alison gives us all the updates on The Angoras.

100 – Alison goes back and further explains what her husband does. He is slightly involved in Acquisitions as well.

Matt gets in on the professional weigher scam.

Matt describes me as a semi employed layabout a pick pocket away from bigger and better things.

It’s jimmy’s turn to pick in the draft! Round 20 of 28. He’s taking Brad Boxburger!

105 – Jimmy is gonna try and guess the brand of drums Alison used in her band (and still has in her parents house in the OC). Five piece drum set, Ziljin cymbols. Jimmy correctly guesses Pearl!

110 – Dave Brockie died March 23, 2014.

Jimmy says Alison is like a battered wife from her former gig.

Jimmy tells Alison to stop reading comments.

Here is another top 10 drums list – 

Alison thinks she is getting herpes.

Jimmy is right everyone has herpes – 

Jimmy is reminded of Lisa Kudrow by Alison. Lisa Kudrow is from LA 

Alison has a good shot at being a pardcastathon guest!

120 – Matt’s Meercating and is unsure how to use it. Shut it down Matt! We got viewers already!

Alison is saving the date for Pardcastathon.

Tim loves Thanksgiving.

We’re done! What a joy!

125 – great job and congrats Joseph!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth