1514 – Passing Notes with Matt Besser

Matt Besser, not thinking.

Matt Besser, not thinking.

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello and welcome! 1514! Take a little trip! Jimmy’s chair is a little off. Jimmy goes outside to find out what the noise is.


Mason Reese 

Solid 9/11.

05 – I’m alone in my not enjoyment of Chris Rock’s SNL monologue.

Jimmy liked a lot of it. Word Choice!

5 people died in the Boston marathon bombings 

It’s comedy don’t be offended by jokes is Jimmy’s take on Chris Rock’s monologue.

The  slogan Matt was trying to remember is “54-40 or fight” but it’s about the Oregon territory dispute

Jimmy wonders if Chris Rock has a bit of palsy.

Matt and Jimmy wonder if Chris was a little rusty.

10 – Jimmy and Matt talk more about the SNL monologue.

Jimmy talks about having to follow Chris Rock on stage and being bumped by him.

15 – Tight set from Dat Phan or 45 minutes of Chris Rock working out his set?

Jimmy is on board with Foot Cardigans.

Chew some gum hillbillies smoking in airport bathroom stall.

A woman next to Jimmy busted out some hard boiled eggs on the plane.

20 – We don’t need these mother fucking eggs on these mother fucking plane


Eggs kickstarter 

Soleil Moon Frye did have a breast reduction 

25 – FootCardigan.com code word frosty2!

“You don’t need socks!” – Danielle to Jimmy at Target. Jimmy’s got too many socks.

Matt Besser knows how a sock handles itself.

Head-sweaters was mentioned in episode 1411 with Matt Walsh. Never Not Notes, remembers, even if no one else does, Jimmy! 

Johnny Intern the sloth.


Jimmy wants to be irrationally mad at someone today.

Matt: Darryl Asher creating a Cooze in the Carpool Lane icon right now

Jimmy:  “Nobody gives a shit about the notes! No offense, Darryl.”

The guys talk socks and holes in said socks.

Matt exposes his OCD sock secret.

Matt Besser is here!


We’re back!

I’m here, Eliot’s here. Openings at his building!

Matt Besser is our guest! He was on episode 622. The guys talk his appearances and doing live podcasts.

Matt’s show is Improv for Humans.

35 – Jimmy brings up Matt’s appearances on Andy Daly’s podcast.

Jimmy enjoys when improvisers break.

Jimmy loves when he makes himself laugh.

40 – Matt and Jimmy talk about improvisers who break a lot. Jimmy doesn’t wanna get into who it was or give away too much info. You never know who is listening. Jimmy recounts the Mike Sakellarides incident.

Matt B talks about when he first met jimmy and how he thought no one liked him. He goes into detail about what he felt.
Jimmy explains what was happening then and brings up what he calls the Ice Cream Nun which Matt B explains was the Ice Cream Martyr.

45 – Jimmy tells the whole story. Jimmy realized that Matt B. was staying true to himself and his character while others, Jimmy included, were trying to get laughs by catering some to the audiences.

Jimmy talks about a set where Matt did Ice Cream Martyr in a room full of nuns.

50 – Jimmy talks more about comedy and being an outside guy having to prove yourself.

Matt asks the rating of the episode and then asking if Jimmy remembers the lady who got a reputation of being cumfreak.

Jimmy has no idea what he is talking about but wants to know who it is!

Matt B. tells a story about seeing someone he knows but not wanting to talk to him.

Jimmy and Oliver saw Kiss again and Jimmy saw the alleged “cumfreak” there.

55 – Jimmy explains his LA Kiss season ticket reasoning.

Here is the setlist for the Kiss show 

60 – Matt talks about loving the Detroit Rock City intro that sounds like making breakfast, but then thinks he may be thinking of “that Pink Floyd song.”

Note from lifelong Pink Floyd fan Darryl: “That Pink Floyd song” Besser was talking about is Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast, which they figure out later.

The guys talk more history.

65 – Matt B talks about meeting Matt Walsh.

The guys talk about the grand opening of the new UCB Theater.

Jimmy couldn’t make it.

Matt B. says that the new theater is the best out of all of it. Both LA locations will have shows.

Jimmy says UCB is the place to be. When they showed up in town he says it finally felt like a home.

Matt B. loves Jimmy doing the game show stuff and how it was a great place for improv and stand-up to mix it up together.

70 – Matt B. pitches Jimmy a new idea for doing game shows. Perhaps as a yearly event at UCB!

Finally found the album version of Detroit Rock City with the sound effects Matt B. was talking about

We listen to the Detroit Rock City intro. More info 


True of false, Jimmy saw Matt Besser at the Roger Waters The Wall show


Ellis Paul Winners

Russ Bear Knobel
Guy Savery
Mary Giglio
Tyler Youngbar
Kyle Dowling

75 – We’re back! We heard the beep! Matt Besser is here. He and Jimmy did Comedy Bang Bang together for the new season. A lot of fun. They were out in the forest.

Matt B. tells a story about his experience on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The director pretty much took away his entire purpose in the scene. He pretty much ended up a glorified extra because of the director.

Matt B. was mad that that happened. It was his chance to do what he is known for on a show he loves with a guy (larry david) he really admires.

80 – Matt B. talks about doing an apple commercial directed by the same director of that Curb episode and how extremely secretive it was.

Here they are! Link 1. Link 2.

Matt B was told that the apple ad was going to be HUGE. It wasn’t.

85 – Jimmy talks about how he replaced Stephanie Edwards and how they were supposed to be huge and they weren’t.

Matt B talks about this first commercial doing something for ESPN and the WNBA. Matt saw the first wnba game here sparks vs liberty. (Sparks lost)

90 – Gonzaga University is in Spokane Washington.

Matt B. tells a story about spilling nachos all over an opposing team’s fan.

95 – Matt B. talks about his new show on Adult Swim. In Search of Miracle Man November 4 – 10 at 4AM so DVR it! 

Improv4Humans on the earwolf network! 

Everyone loves Playing House. Matt was just on Modern Family recently. He filmed a week after the Emmys.

Jimmy has an old number for Matt B. and apparently got into a text war with the guy who has the number now. Turns out that he had the last digit of the number wrong and has been texting this guy for years.

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper