1513 – Chasing Beauty with Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

Ellis Paul

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hot! Hot! Hot in the headphones! Welcome to the show! 1513! Took a little trip on the mighty mississip. Eliot just froze up like he’s never froze up before. Joseph Limbaugh’s got Eliot rattled!

Jimmy talks about his the dallas airport attack.

Apparently Paul Rudd was part of this?!!

05 – More airport talk.


Matt and Jimmy and Danielle went to the muck run. Matt flew through it because he had to use the bathroom.

10 – Seems like the muck run was more family friendly than warrior dash. Great fun. Danielle and Jimmy stayed together the entire time. “Wheels” took off.

Great fun at the muck run! Jimmy would do it every weekend if he could. Or maybe one a month.

15 – Lori Petty was in Tank Girl. Has had some substance issues in the past.

Eliot asks about shirt selection for the muck run. Jimmy was wearing a Triumph t-shirt. He says he tries to wear something he doesn’t think he’ll wear again. Matt wore his NNF season 13 shirt.

Matt’s wife does the laundry. Jimmy razzes him on it. Matt says that he does the cooking and Jimmy says that’s interesting because she should be doing that too.

Danielle does some cleaning but luckily she lives with Felix Unger so it’s kept pretty neat anyway.

Lots of heavy mud on this race.

20 – Pumpkin Patch trip with Oliver! Jimmy got ready for the 5k on Sunday at 5:30. He did it! The day after the muck run he did the 5k! He feels fine except for the knee issue that keeps popping up after half marathons. It’s the outside of the right knee.

After about 9 miles the knee flared up. Right around the spot that the course starts going up hill towards a bridge. 2 hours 20 minutes on this 5k.

Matt is on board with Eliot’s “in the shower?” question.

“Whatever it is, I’m against it.” – Groucho Marx.

Ya understand?!

All for humor guys! Jimmy’s calling Eliot an idiot is all for humor.

Knee pain

Knee pain

Jimmy’s knee still hurts.

25 – He got home at 10:22. He felt great!

That’s how daddy does it! Muck Run and a 5k in one weekend!

Uh oh! Some facebook controversy!

30 – Our guest, Ellis Paul, is gonna be about 30 minutes late. Jimmy is unsure what that troubadour is doing.

Eliot posted Potato Salad on J Keith Van Stratten’s page.

It appears that he has lost the challenge with just 4 days to go.

Because of his honesty and his admitting to the error, Jimmy’s giving him half the prize money.

Jimmy compliments Eliot’s work and admits that the $500 was more of a bonus hidden in a challenge. He’s gonna honor it with $250.

35 – The challenge is officially over! Congrats to Eliot!

Jimmy had to hide someone finally on FB even though he got a certain joy out of this guys narcissism.

40 – Matt isn’t sure why he was following Adam Corolla on twitter. Jimmy maintains Adam has funny in his bones and is a good man who just has this character he took on and is running with it.

Jimmy and Matt discuss 4th and Loud before the break.

Per Wikipedia on the future of Fourth and Loud –

After the success of season one, on October 9, 2014 AMC announced it will drop all of their unscripted programming including 4th and Loud, except for Talking Dead and Comic Book Men as the network will shift towards more movies and drama scripted programming. However taping has already begun for season two as confirmed by Brett Bouchy during a interview on the Monsters in the Morning radio show. It is currently unknown if Thinkfactory will find a new home for 4th and Loud to air season two or if the show will be cancelled. Many reports show that Thinkfactory Media will find a new network to air 4th and Loud for season two which should be set to air in 2015.

Jimmy and Matt role play Jimmy meeting Chris at LA Kiss. He’s already planning to upgrade his seats again.

45 – Matt thinks Puck will show up on season 2 of 4th and loud. This time next week, Jimmy will have his new seats and have seen Kiss with Oliver for the second time!

Jimmy’s not happy. He’s got the cold stare going.


We’re back! Elongated break!

Ellis and co stayed with friends in Malibu. This morning they were pitching an idea this morning and it went really well so they fell a little behind.

There is a Christmas book coming out next year based on Ellis’ song “The Night the Lights Went Out on Christmas.”

50 – Next to me is Radislov Lorcovic! Rebecca Loebe is also here! Also Eliot.

Our guest is Ellis Paul!! He just did a show at McCabe’s. The first Ellis Paul show Jimmy has missed in a decade. Ellis was originally on episode 810 and the Atlanta live show.

Ellis loves Track races. He watches old races.

The guys talk running miles. Ellis ran a 4:07 mile in college. He was state champ in Maine. He’s gotten back to running but he had a bad sprain.

55 – Rad’s been touring with Ellis pretty constant lately. Ellis talks about lifestyles of musicians and comedians and trying to eat healthier and get in better shape.

Rebecca was on the first season of The Voice! She chose Adam Levine as her coach! She was on two episodes but was sequestered for 6 weeks in a hotel. Rebecca tells us about her Voice experience.

60 – Jimmy talks about Ceelo’s arms and being a terrible person. Rebecca loved Ceelo’s Fuck/Forget you song.

Rebecca did Come As You Are on her audition. 

She talks about the second performance singing Creep as a duet with a guy who’d never heard it before. 

That guy won that round, thanks to Rebecca working with him pretty much.

65 – Jimmy shows off Rebecca’s new live album.

Ellis is gonna sing! Rad’s on accordion, Rebecca back up singing! She’s not familiar with Stephen Bishop.

Jimmy tells his New Kids story from his record label days.

70 – Ellis performs Drive-In Movie.

Ellis Paul’s new cd is called Chasing Beauty. 

75 – Some A capella Take Me Down!

Conversations with a Ghost is from Say Something. 

Patty Griffin and Robert Plant have indeed broken up 

80 – Rad tells us his accordion brand. It’s a handmade accordion! He has 2. Ellis says that is two too many.


We’re back with Ellis Paul, Rebecca Loebe, and Radislov Larcovic!

85 – Rebecca was born in 83! Jimmy talks about working in the record store. Ellis ask how he fell into comedy. He answers that he just recently realized that always wanted to do it but thought he wanted to do the music business.

Rad plays with Ronnie Cox. Rebecca and Eliot know each other also! She’s friends with Joseph’s girlfriend.

90 – We’re gonna play PARDOMID!!

Ellis got 4 I think.

Jimmy gets all but 1. He wins!

95 – Ellis points out the Paul Stanley bobble-head. Jimmy tells Ellis about the LA Kiss.

Jimmy talks 4th and loud and shark tank. Ellis didn’t watch either of those. He is watching Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

Walking dead broke records again with the premiere episode 

Ellis talks about this live streaming concerts 

Ellis’s YouTube channel

100 – Ellis performs Wasted from his new album, Chasing Beauty.

105 – Jimmy asks about the guitar playing. Ellis talks about the processes of creating the melody of the song. Ellis worked with Kristian Bush from Sugarland on this album.

Jimmy talks about seeing Jennifer Nettles on Conan and her having a flawless performance. Ellis calls her a star.

Ellis does not watch Nashville but he does play at the Bluebird in Nashville.

110 – Jimmy and Ellis talk stand up and music gigs.

Ellis’ book is available at BN 

Oliver loves a few of the songs on that album.

120 – Ellis talks about subjects of his The Hero In You album.
Ellis performs one more song for us. Never Want To Lose You from his new album.

If you’ve never seen Ellis Paul live you have to do it! Jimmy says Rad is a joy to see on stage.

Ellis mentions that he gets a pardo fan come up to him on every tour.


A pleasure! A joy!

Contest for a Ellis Paul CD. Post your favorite Bob Dylan lyric under the Ellis Paul picture and we’ll pick five winners at random!

Jimmy had his Dylan phase about 10 years ago.

Jimmy talks about seeing Dylan with his cousin at the Pantages and it being terrible except for the last song All Along the Watch Tower.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper