The Nerdist Welcomes Inspirational Jimmy Pardo


Long overdue guest Jimmy Pardo!

Chris Hardwick opens with a Pardo song to the tune of Billie Jean

Jimmy is long past insulted by not being invited on

Controversy over waters, as in more than one water


Apparently, Matt Mira can’t get the stench of the Apple store off of him

Jimmy invites himself to be on Matt’s show

The Internet has all the answers, even if you don’t have the questions

The effect of nightlights on babies

Podcast equipment pissing contest

South side Chicago homophobia

“James” is a godfather of podcasting


Let’s talk about nerd Matt Belknap

A little Isos biographical info from Chris

Matt Belknap would write detailed comedy show breakdowns. What a nerdy thing to do!

Belknap caused comedy anxiety


The Pardo / Belknap partnership

Starting Never Not Funny

Never Not Funny, the rare successful subscription podcast


Jimmy is the King of Fun

Jimmy’s live Match Game shows

The last of Old Man Perriwinkle

Andy Daley’s talent


Host auditions

Competing with a friend

Jimmy’s early days in L.A.

Running Your Trap

Jimmy Pardo, Inspiration, until Matt Mira’s phone fucks everything up


Jimmy’s expensive pager bit

Lip balm advice from Jimmy

Sketch vs. standup

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Comic


Jimmy Pardo, Inspiration: Part II, Sobriety Boogaloo

Once again phones fuck up Inspirational Jimmy

Give 12 step a shot. For at least one time.


Everyone’s rock bottom is different

Jimmy’s 9 minute busted-head chunk

Jimmy’s movie show times

Jimmy offers to be Chris’s sponsor


Examples of the wrong way to be an AA sponsor

How to plateau your audience numbers: start charging

Remembering Andrew Koenig


Laughing during serious times

A favorite Jimmy Pardo moment from Chris (SPOILER: Lisa Loeb)


Jimmy’s tattoos

Jimmy remembers the Pardcast-a-thon “show your tats for money” drive (started by your humble note writer)

Jonah’s Penguin tattoo


You’re never too old for a tattoo

Photo by Liezl

Spirit animal nerd talk

Don’t be a whimp, get a bigass tattoo

Jonah is serious about comedy


Open mic value

Jimmy would love to do open mics, just not tonight. Or any time soon.

Todd and Jimmy at the gymnasium

Awkward comedy interactions

How to end the awkward: use the safeword “flarb”

Jimmy’s brilliant tee shirt marketing


Closing it up, moving ’em out

About an hour, but so much fun it felt like way longer

Don’t eat a sandwich on Highland