Special Notes: Jordan Jesse Go with Matt Belknap

Jordan Jesse Go Episode 202: Hot-To-Trot with Matt Belknap


A beautiful evening at Chez Thorn

Just short of a chalet

Matt’s first visit to the “new crib”

Deconstructing Jesse’s digs

Jordan dropped trou for donations on the first Pardcast-a-thon

“I love you, Dewey Cox”

Let’s all talk about Jordan’s dick

Pardcast-a-thon money raised: almost $35,000, now over $40,000

Click here to purchase Pardcast-a-Thon (available December 15)


Never Not Funny exclusive: Jesse’s ‘stache

Jesse’s eBay lawsuit settlements put him in the big leagues

Look for Jesse’s check on eBay


The 2 cent check will take on mythological proportions

The guys cover various ways the 2 cent check could be used


Donations will go to a food bank in New Jersey, because fuck that L.A. actor researching a role!

The Los Angeles Hurricane of 2011

Jesse had a self-pleasuring crisis

Jesse and the vampire hypnotist undercover Radio Shack salesman


What’s Radio Shack good for these days, besides phones and R/C cars?

Matt’s thrilling story about buying a car adapter (SPOILER: COLORS!!!)

What you can buy and where you can buy it (SPOILER: PLUSH TIGERS!!!)


Don’t buy the generic tiger urine

Damage to Jesse’s Escher-like yard layout

Crash, crash, burn! Let it all burn! This hurricane’s chasing us all underground!

When the power is out, people revert to barbarism and Scrabble-playing


Matt’s Little House on the Prairie reading

Jordan’s American Girl doll experience

Don’t diss Montana; it’s Big Sky Country

American Girl doll marketing strategy


The doll store at The Grove needs a secret speakeasy

Please don’t mistake the dick-detector for a gloryhole

Matt’s quote of the day: “I was just thinking about the gloryhole”

The ethnicity of Tony Scott


Don’t blame Jesse for the cancellation of Community

30 Rock vs. Community

Jesse’s fear for his son’s future consumerism

Jesse’s used Masters of the Universe


The great promise of America: freedom to be a shallow dick

Someone died to provide Jesse with childhood cable

Childhood television memories

Anime and the coolness of nerds


Hey, 12 year old cussing nerds: stay off the little kids’ playground!

Don’t hate-fuck the inbox

Nerds aren’t what they used to be


Chris Hardwick: fake nerd! (Due to his handsomeness)

More nerds need to be beaten and wedgied in order to be kept in check

Did anyone here get beat up after school

No f-word jar on JJGO, so Matt lets it fly!

Amusement park sketchiness


Jesse need not fear the future

Sterotype Los Angeles

Jesse takes a number and stands in line. For clothes.

The loudness of the rich

The appeal of the Shaker religion: furniture and circular stone barns


Jesse wants his son to get into some hippie bullshit school

Sponsorship: MakePixelArt.com

Happy Birthday from Morgan (?) to Ann

Matt doesn’t understand how sponsorship works

Weird messages: decipher with the ENIAC

(I am personally shocked that nerd Matt doesn’t know about ENIAC)


Jordan opens a package: satsuma jam and promo materials

The glories of the satsuma


Momentous Occasions:

-Misdirected female friend text message

-Drunk guy finds $5 after being towed twice

-Jason is pre-flight drunk, causing him to be enthralled by a scooter-related shirt

Jesse wants to emulate Ira Glass’s drinking schedule

Jesse could be the alcohol nerd


Taking up drinking later in life

It might be too difficult to learn to drink past a certain age

-A guy brags about breaking up with his girlfriend and consequently hot-tubbing with a divorcee

Good going JJGO for encouraging douchey behavior


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