Episode 8 – Fightin’ Pat Francis

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Season 1 Episode 8

May 26, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Do you remember Unnecessarily Squeaky?

Pat Francis is here, after having to cancel an earlier visit due to illness

Pat is Jimmy’s friend, Running Your Trap sidekick, and segment producer for many of your favorite reality shows

Pat: “Hello Everybody”

Mike says hello to America, Matt trumps with a hello to the world

Pat’s afraid Matt’s “recipe for ice” joke is an inside bit to push him out

Pat thinks guests should get a syllabus before the show

Somewhere in the world, someone’s favorite band is Steve Miller Band

No one knows what Steve Miller looks like


Jimmy bought the Best of Steve Miller based on the cover

Matt doesn’t need any Boston music

What do you call music you download instead of buy physical media?

Mark the time: Matt decides, and the guys agree, they should be called “records”

Jimmy gives out a fake phone number to get fan reaction

Jimmy and Matt want to have a voicemail number to get fan feedback

Discussion about the use of the word “faggot”

Jimmy mis-names Pat’s kids, and has their ages totally wrong

Crude talk about how Pat assures he only has girls means Pat’s nephew can’t listen to this episode


Jimmy and Pat shared an aprtment across the courtyard from a lovely lady who does dishes naked in front of the window

Pat’s “French” accent is totally not even close to French

A note from Mike’s wife: “Frenchie’s daughter is naked”

Jimmy and Pat saw “the best live ass” at their apartment pool

Hot Tub Club with Jimmy, Pat, Graham Elwood, Paul Goebel, and Chip Chinery


Mike had apartment neighbors with both a hot mom and daughter

Jimmy: “Welcome to misogynist talk!” Matt: “When did we become the Stern show?”

Talking to a woman in a thong is uncomfortable

Mike’s crude talk about “distance” makes Matt wonder what has become of Never Not Funny

Medical tip for sleep: hot tub and drunkeness


Jimmy's beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy's pause to take a drink by saying "I thought it was NEVER not funny!"

Jimmy’s beef: Anyone on the internet who complains about the podcast

Anyone on the internet who complains about thier show

Matt agrees with anyone who would complain about their misogynistic talk

Jimmy looks for someone to blame for the filthy talk

The back-story on Pat Francis and their friendship

Jimmy was a very strong middle act

Pat moved to Chicago from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, where his dad is the mayor

Jimmy and Pat’s moms both have raspy smoker voices

Pat’s aunt Frieda in California


Pat used to do costume appearances at parties

Pat totalled his brand new Neon; and Aunt Frieda gave him the inside scoop on her attorney: Jacoby and Meyers

Jimmy was offered some headline jobs in 1991 when he had no business headlining: 6 days at $300 each for Jimmy, $200 a night for Pat as middle act

Half of the gigs were cancelled before they got there

At one gig, Pat bombed and Jimmy killed


triviaTrivial Pursuit cards on the bar provide Jimmy and Pat with a drinking game

A drunk customer tells Pat he sucked

Pat scrapes the customer with a Trivial Pursuit card

The bar closes early to get rid of Jimmy and Pat but the staff parties by the pool

Jimmy and Pat show up at the pool “Oh no! It’s the comics!”


Lunch the next day at Rax (Roast Beef sandwich chain)

Next gig, Pat kills and Jimmy bombs

Jimmy whips out the C word 5 minutes into the show


Mike once busted up a guy’s karaoke kit in a bar

raxJimmy tells Mike his fake “boooooo” is very uncomfortable

Apparently Mike boos the National Anthem at baseball games

Jimmy on the pilot for The Test with John Stamos; hangers-on Pat and Mike may have ruined it for him


Mike’s fake boo of good karaoke singer starts a confrontation with the DJ

Mike can’t be okie-doked by karaoke

Karaoke DJ sucker-punched Mike, so Mike took him down hockey-fight style, taking out the equipment

It’s a good thing Mike doesn’t drink


Mike says Pat has no fear

Pat tops everyone with “Salutations, Universe.”

Onnnnnn the podcast