Episode 7 – All Apologies

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NNF Season 1 Episode 7

May 19, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


First usage: Hello everybody and indeed, welcome to Never Not Funny

Jimmy insists that they are coming to us live

South of Hollywood, north of dicey

Mike says “Hello America” despite the international audience

Are Australians and / or the cast of Lost listening?

Greg “The Shark” Norman may be a fan

Jimmy is against midget bowling

You remember Pledging Frats?

Mike invents a “widget arm” in his mind

Matt wonders if there will be balloons when they hit their 100th “You remember ______, they opened up for _______”

Jimmy first said it in the cafeteria line to his friend Paul Boyev: “You remember Choice of Soups, they opened up for Quiet Riot”

Matt: Midget Bowling for Soup

Bowling for Soup’s Almost is a very hook-y song


Jimmy loved The Verve Pipe’s The Freshmen

Jimmy bought the cassingle, but when he bought the CD he hated it so much he threw it out the window of his car

What was the last cassingle?

Jimmy wonders why he has ANYTHING in his Chicago collection

Jimmy has a tin-ear, but pronounces it “tin air.” His pronounciation of “ear” will be very troublesome when the podcast joins Earwolf / Airwolf.

You remember Tin Air. They opened for Rose Royce.

Jimmy was greeted this morning by Jehovah’s Witnesses (or maybe Seventh Day Adventists) knocking on his door


After shooing them away from his door, Jimmy put his slippers on and ran after them to apologize

Opening montage quote: “You are a haunted house”

Jimmy’s two tasks when on the road: haircut and fund-raising carwash

Church car wash fundraiser was a ruse to evangelize

“You can pray my car never gets dirty again.”

Jimmy had to drive back and apologize for his smartass comment


Jimmy called Sean “Wild Child” Hamilton, local Chicago B96 DJ on the air to insult him; he called back to apologize and request a Duran Duran song

Jimmy and Paul Boyev got scolded at Chicagofest by a radio DJ for heckling during his live remote


Matt and his friends mocked a younger kid who would hold hands with other guys

The kid’s dad was Matt’s dentist, so he was questioned about it during a dental exam (which reminds me of the famous scene from Marathon Man)

More about this morning: Jimmy got a voicemail from Mike asking if he wanted a banana

Jimmy is allergic to bananas which he discovered on a flight


Mike actually was asking if he HAD a banana, so he could make a protien shake

Mike loves the Bullet blender infomercial

Mike calls Jimmy late at night to tell him the Bullet show or something interesting on cable access
Would you buy a banana from 7-11?

Running down the 7-11 food choices

krispyburgerThe Apprentice featured a sandwich make with lettuce and meat between two pieces of pizza


The 7-11 food lab is run by a Josef Mengele type

As a kid, Matt made toasted bread balls with sour cream

Matt has had some good food invention ideas, but he can’t think of any right now

Hamburger on Krispy Creme donuts is a real thing that Mike used to talk about as a joke

Mike says it sounds disgusting but tastes delicious

Crazy fast foods


Jimmy just got a ticket because of street cleaning

Jimmy's beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy's pause to take a drink by saying "I thought it was NEVER not funny!"

Jimmy’s beef: Getting a ticket within 3 minutes of the street cleaning time limit

Pat Francis will be on an episode soon

Writing checks is a strange antiquated payment method


Left handed Matt was forced into ambidextrosity when his left arm was broken

Matt comes out smelling like a rose every show; or not

Something special this episode: First 5 emails get a Pompous Clown CD

Onnnn Never Not Funny!