Episode 6 – Rainbow Bridge

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NNF Season 1 Episode 6

May 12, 2006

Show notes by Darryl Asher


Runaway smash podcast!

A gloomy day, or sunny, depending on whom you ask and when you ask them

Is Mike comfotable with Jimmy still calling him the Former Third Baseman?

Matt thought “third baseman” meant table position

This may be the episode where they decide The Former Third Baseman nickname sticks

People love the podcast!

First usage of misprouncing Zanies

Jimmy put out Never Not Funny postcards at the club

Jimmy's beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy's pause to take a drink by saying "I thought it was NEVER not funny!"

Jimmy’s beef: The guy who heckles during Jimmy’s pause to take a drink by saying “I thought you were NEVER not funny!”


The motivations of hecklers

35 people came to the Zanies show, one of whom was Jimmy’s high school band bassist Mike Rago

First usage: Rainbow Bridge, Jimmy’s high school band

Dr. Paul Boyev, Rainbow Bridge guitarist, invented something that helps deaf people hear

Rainbow Bridge set list: 4 Chicago Songs, 4 Hendrix songs, an original called Output (wherein Jimmy talks over music), and Paranoid by Black Sabbath. (Something for everyone I guess.)

Boyev wanted to name the band after the Hendrix album Rainbow Bridge. Jimmy wanted Chicago’s Hot Streets


In the band picture for Rainbow Bridge, Jimmy looked like Kirk Cameron

Jimmy’s Saturday Night Live t-shirt in his headshot was the worst marketing decision in history


Mike Toomey’s headshot makes him look like a juvenile delinquent

Jimmy has a headshot with a glowing face that makes him look like a magician

Jimmy will give $20 to any comedian who steals the Saturday Night Live shirt headshot from a club and mails it to him ($23.68 in today’s dollars)


Club owner’s wife to Jimmy: “Keep it up, you’ll be on TV one day!”

Jimmy plays a spntaneous game of Deal or No Deal with Mike, but Mike bails

Mike Rago loved the show


There could have been a Behind the Music about Rainbow Bridge

Jimmy’s band decided they needed lights, even though they have never played

A band member suggests stealing landscaping lights, which they refer to as Screaming Sucker Malibu lights


Jimmy wusses out by volunteering to be a lookout, but back at the house, in case his friend’s mom wakes up

Jimmy has plausable deniability with regard to light stealing

Opening montage quote “And he had a gun!”

Jimmy’s dad and Mr. Rago had to retrofit the lights to make them work for the band. They were told they were $5 from a flea market.

A year later, with cars, but no band, they stole the same guy’s lights again


Can Jimmy get arrested for this?

Mike’s teenage mischief: put random guy’s running sprinkler in the guy’s car

Mike’s frozen beer and egg throwing escapades

Paul “took classes to be a Ninja”

Something about a slingshot and windows


Matt’s number one youthful criminal activity: stealing pictures of Paula Abdul from drug store magazines for his shrine

Matt and a friend would steal magnetic car signs and put them on their refrigerators

coolhandlukeWalking back from Cumberland Farms store: one of the guys stole a parking meter (Note for Trivia Night: that’s why Paul Newman was in jail in Cool Hand Luke)

Mike and some friends destroyed a house during a toga party

Mike put his head through a painting, cartoon-style


Mike lost his wallet with $195 in it during the party

The kid who was the victim of the vandalism found the wallet and returned it, cash intact

Mike offered to help clean up the house

Onnn the podcast!