14U – Feeling Alright with Jason Nash

Jason Nash wrote the book on marriage. Or the movie.

Jason Nash wrote the book on marriage. Or the movie.

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF Players Club 14U – Jason Nash

14 UFO??

00 – hello! Welcome to the club! The door is opened and closed courtesy of Eliot. The door is closed, the club is open. We can talk about whatever we want now. Blacks, gays, neighbors, whatever.

Jimmy saw two old assholes in the back of a town car with big cigars. Daddy Warbucks types. Jimmy felt bad for the driver. “Cigars!” Jimmy quotes a movie no one able to guess, Young Franenstein. Gene Hackman’s a winner!

Jimmy thinks no one is gonna guess his letter.

My first is UFO ($5). My second is ($20) ubiquitous.

Jimmy’s Chicago accent is creeping in today.

Jimmy still debating his HS reunion. Same night as Podfest and the mud run. If he goes, he is not going to the football game. He doesn’t get the prereunion reunion.

05 – He’s 60% disappointed he can’t make it. 9/27 is the reunion. Podfest weekend.

Jimmy goes through famous alumni.


The guys chat World Cup!

10 – We go through Notable Alumni. Jimmy says Ken Wahl and Bill Leff should be on there. They aren’t.

15 – Jimmy doesn’t think they’d let him throughout the ball at the game. Seems everyone might prefer reunions that have more classes than just his. Like 80 – 86.

Jimmy talks about his 20 year reunion and slipping into the front row of the picture and hearing people talk about him like they cant believe he was there and someone wondering why that matters.

Our guest is here with his mom! Jason Nash! His movie is #43 on iTunes!

20 – Jason’s mom is filming on the iPad. Jason compares Jimmy to Carson and calls Jimmy’s stomach a jungle.

Jason wanted Jimmy in his movie but couldn’t get ahold of him. Jason does a great Sklar bros. impression. He calls them gushy jews. He then goes on about the cameras. Jimmy says, we’ve been doing this for eight years maybe that’s been done before.

Jason is on a strict nut berry fruit gluten free pasta diet.

25 – Compliments all around.

Jimmy talks about a pair of red pants at target. They fit beautiful but Jimmy thinks they’d come off like a costume if he wore them.

Jimmy and Danielle don’t get invited to parties. Jimmy assumes it’s because people don’t like them.

Matt explains Jimmy at a party. Quiet and Shy. Even with friends! Drunk Jimmy was a lot of fun. Jason wants to hear about drunk Jimmy but Jimmy said he put that in the rearview.

Jason’s mom’s name is Lorraine.

30 – 29 too tight 30 too loose for Jimmy.

Dave Holmes invites Jimmy to every party.

Jimmy tries to describe Jon Hamm’s neighborhood. He settles on normal until you get to his house, which is a gorgeous huge house.

35 – Jason Nash is Married is available for download on iTunes! #43!


Jason can’t think of any LA comedians that weren’t in his movie. Matt guesses Maron.

Maron wouldn’t have Jason on his show. He left him a message about how he defends him constantly. He loves Mark and that was a bit. Jimmy says Jason would be a great guest on Maron’s show, he’s very raw and open. Paul Gilmartin’s show also. Jimmy’s gonna put them in touch.

Jason says he sees Jimmy in a Scorsese movie. He’s more of a “heavy” than Carson.
40 – Jimmy is a fan of Lorraine. Jimmy’s adopted the Sinbad lingo and calling the off air area the bullpen.

Matt’s iphone dock area is the normal. Jason has Instagram, phone, and vine. Doesn’t even use the fourth slot.

Jimmy breaks down Jason Nash’s vines. He doesn’t like it when a third person gets involved in the vines. Jimmy says Jason found the perfect way to do his vines. Jimmy talks about how he watched them in a hotel room pounding the bed laughing.


Jason talks about running out of ideas on his vines. 20 years worth of material he had never done.

45 – Jason doesn’t want to be made the fool in front of Lorraine.

Jason got his hair cut twice this week because he’s getting some grey and not liking it. He also loves The Big Lebowski. The guys chat about the movie and the cast.

50 – We’ll take a break and we’ll guess Jimmy’s U word!

Welcome back! The door is open! Jimmy’s new character is Johnny High Shoulders per Matt.

14 Ultravox is the $20 word. 14 Utopia is the $5 word!

Jason had Urbane and Unicorn.

New shoes!!

Jason’s giggling like crazy.

55 – Jason wants to make the game better. He does the oprah intro game.

Hello Eliot! Thumbs up. His $20 U is Uribe! Jimmy runs down Juan Uribe’s stats. Matt loves sports related jewelry. His $5 word is Umbrella.

Jimmy has zero interest in Rihanna. Not his cup of tea.

Jimmy cannot guess this years summer song.

Boys Chase Girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsvKT8vsgF4
All Of The Stars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkqVm5aiC28
Song of the South (Zipadee doo da): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcxYwwIL5zQ

60 – Jason talks about a bit Jimmy did once that had to have been planned. A coaching situation.

Jimmy talks about doing the Sklar Triplets with Doug Benson and Jimmy Dore. The Sklar parents were there and Jimmy felt like shit because he thought they might have thought they were making fun of their kids.

Matt’s Us $20 Ulcer and $5 was Underwear.

Jimmy wearing a trunk right now and he’s not liking where it’s hitting his thigh. They fit beautiful if you have no fat on you.

They glow in the dark. HE bought them to make Oliver laugh.

Jimmy got them from Target. Matt asks what Target is. Jimmy describes the store.

Jimmy resets and plugs Jason’s movie, Jason Nash is Married. Amazon link!


Jason talks about having an issue with Zach G.

65 – Jason wonders if Jimmy brings us around like an entourage. Jimmy said when he drank he was fun and confident. No drinking he feels uninteresting. Jason wants to hear about Jimmy’s anger.

Jimmy thinks if he had a drink he would just move on and it wouldn’t affect him. The reason he doesn’t, he’s proud of his 15 years and would be disappointed if he broke that.

Do Jews drink?

Loosey Jewsy!


70 – No one who posted Rosanna or Africa is eligible to win!

R&R Hall of Fame chat. Apparently Max Weinberg had surgery.

Lorraine: 18
Eliot: 11
Jason: 23
Matt: 36
Garon: 42 – Winner!
Jimmy: 7

Jason is furious that Pat has been on so much and he hadn’t been on.

Jason did @Midnight with Andy Daly and Busy Phillipps. Jason says Andy is Never Not Funny.

75 – Jason has a stage mom at 40 per Jimmy. Matt says make it a web series. Stage Mom!

Here we go!

Jason does his Corolla impression. He had a hard time on his show because it was hard to jump in.

Winner is: Joel Roberts!! His song was Rockmaker.

85 – Jason talks about Critics Choice and having his mom bring him celebrities.

Bellamy Young plays the presidents wife on Scandal.

Allison Tollman is on Fargo.

90 – I let 42 ride on Jason’s movie chart spot. HOLY SHIT I WON! $22 bucks!

Jason wonders how Jimmy gets the big guests. Jimmy said it’s mostly his friends.

We are not Dane bashers on this show.

Richard Lewis and Paul Reiser were Jimmy’s big gets! He idolized them both. Jason does Richard Lewis working at Coldstone Creamery.

Jimmy says all of Jason’s impressions go through a Stallone filter like all Rich Little impressions have a John Wayne filter.

Jimmy loves impressions and would love to have Rich Little on the show.

95 – Jason says lots of young guys coming up who are great impressionists.

Funniest thing Jimmy heard Jay Mohr say: These guys will do their acts and the judges will change wigs. (Phyllis diller, rich little, buddy hacket)

Apparently Norm Macdonald dated Elle MacPherson for a week. Jason used to work for him then and always heard Elle saying, “Don’t go there!” supposedly he couldn’t take it and dumped her.

Jason talks about a fat SNL writer’s story about throwing a guy in the lake on a writer’s retreat.

We’re done!

Contest for next week: Name the comedian who didn’t show up to film his part as a drug addict comedian trying to get clean. The role went to Matt Walsh. It’s a famous comedian. LA comedian. Very Famous.

Matt needs to know what target is again.

The guys chat Jason’s movie.

We’re outta here!

The door is closed!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper