1421 – Funking it Up with Sinbad

Sinbad, ready to take your call

Sinbad, ready to take your call

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1421 – Sinbad

00 – Hello and welcome! 1421! Winding down season 14! Don’t worry about timing we will let you know when it’ll be time to ante up for season 14!

25 episodes due to faculty days.

Our guest is the legendary comedian SINBAD!! He’s tall and wears a colorful pant!

Some bob and tom fans aren’t smart and email Jimmy that he is short. He wants those hillbillies to get back in their waterbed and drink moonshine until they die.

Jimmy and Matt revisit the above ground pool subject. Apparently, Matt and Elise have discussed the option.

05 – My mom was in town. We stayed at a Loews hotel. The room was filthy. We also went to the Ed Sheeran show. It was great!

Pool prices at Lowes – http://www.lowes.com/Outdoors/Pools-Hot-Tubs/Above-Ground-Pools/_/N-1z0wefv/pl#!&Va=false&page=2&rpp=48

10 – History of above ground pools – http://www.poolspanews.com/alternative-materials/the-history-of-aboveground-pools–playing-for-keeps.aspx

Eliot looks exhausted apparently.

The guys returned from Austin. Jimmy did comedy and they did NNF Live for a great crowd of 100 solid NNF fans! Lots of people drove in. They got to meet everyone including a couple of native American ladies that became friends over their love of the show.

They had some misty-eyed fans show up to meet them. It was amazing according to Matt.

15 – They also met some new fans who found us earwolf!

We got another stupid response at Pardcast/NeverNotFunny.com

Jimmy talks about the first roadtrip he and pat took together and picking classic rock station and seeing who’s picked song comes up first. Pat picked Don’t Fear The Reaper and it came on within 3 songs.

Matt drops Dude on Jimmy. Jimmy tells him not to drop dude on him.

“Dad you’re calling me dude too much.” – Oliver

Jimmy recommends Matt not calling Charlie little man.

20 – Turbulence and delays caused the guys to get back to LA later than expected. He also would not stop updating them on the turbulence.

“I don’t complain about travel but this is bullshit.” – Jimmy, defeated after the trip.

They also had to bus from lax to some ancient terminal both ways.

Pat Francis did the best acting Jimmy’s seen.

Jimmy blurt laughed at Renee’s caption “two assholes in steerage.”

Pat came up to Jimmy and performed his act.

I’ll be back!

25 – Sinbad has spotless shoes! No running though.

Sinbad’s connected to the universe.

His Bluetooth is the best thing ever. Better than the fake knees.

Jimmy still raving about Sinbad’s Montreal set. Jimmy was hosting Best of the Fest at a small club. Jimmy gives respect.

Sinbad takes that respect.

30 – Quick break! Sinbad’s here!

We’re back!

We’re gonna give away the Todd Glass book.

Jimmy saw Les Mis and loved it. I’m mad I missed it. Sinbad not a fan. If it had a vampire it’d be a different story.

Eliot’s sleepy from working on a board game. Sinbad says never to say that out loud.

35 – Sinbad’s new special is available on DVD! Make Me Wanna Holla. http://www.amazon.com/Sinbad-Make-Me-Wanna-Holla/dp/B00GWJIDM0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403554124&sr=8-1&keywords=sinbad+make+me+wanna+holla+dvd

Sinbad has about 7 tattoos. His daughter is a singer, she does everything! Paige Bryan.

Time to giveaway the book.

Sinbad wonders what the next level assistant would be called. Meredith (his wife) suggests the right hand. Eliot suggests the king’s hand. Maria doesn’t watch game of thrones so she doesn’t get that.


40 – We’re all in on this one!

Maria: 64
Meredith: 77
Sinbad: 53
Eliot: 11
Matt: 17
Jimmy: 45
Garon: 36

Closest wins!

Jimmy talks about meeting Shawn Abner at a White Sox convention.

45 – Winning number 45!! Jimmy wins! Redo. Jimmy changes to 49.

Jay Bee Hanna wins the book!

Here comes the redo. 23 wins! Matt takes it!

50 – Jimmy resets! It’s Sinbad’s day. He just wants to talk about freedom. Sinbad tours every weekend. 85% theaters, occasionally hits a club. He went to Crackers in Indianapolis after not being there since 1984.

Sinbad likes to take young comics on the road with him because it is so hard to break in nowadays.

Sinbad from Benton Harbor, Michigan, still lives there. He started in 1983. Jimmy knows all about Benton Harbor since it is near Chicago.

Sinbad talks about a time when he had everyone dress like Emo Phillips who was dating Judy Tenuda back in the day. Sinbad thinks Oprah beat him to a million.

55 – Sinbad explains the origin of his Dr. DooDoo nickname. Jimmy says he should shake that loose. Another nickname Red Chamberlain.

Jimmy never new the info so he does not remember it. Jimmy still likes Confedant for Maria’s new title.

Jimmy tries to remember who beat Sinbad on star search. He was in the QF with Rosie, Dennis Miller, Steve something. It looks like Steve Mittleman.


60 – Sinbad talks about his process. He lied a lot as a kid! Six brothers and sisters. The Atkins Kids! His dad was a preacher. He passed away 2 years ago. Sinbad talks about when his dad passed at 78.

Sinbad told his wife she can put a pillow over his face.

Jimmy wonders if Sinbad has corns because he doesn’t break in shoes at all. HE says he is the shortest of all his friends.

65 – Jimmy resets for a quick break! We gotta pay some bills.

We’re back! We’re happening! Sinbad learned from the kardashians on promoting his daughter.

Maria wonders if she gets paid. Matt says to call her an intern now.

Sinbad on the road every weekend. Doing all the old haunts. Sinbad talks about the changes at Hilarities. Nick is still there.

Sinbad doesn’t believe in the mob. They were just a group.

70 – Jimmy and Sinbad worked the same clubs. Don’t go back to the hometowns to perform. Chicago is a tough city. Jimmy’s heading there in two weeks, Zany’s in Rosemont.

You can still get killed in Nashville no matter how trendy it’s becoming.

Jimmy’s house broke into and it took a while for the cops to show up. Sinbad has a place in chatsworth!

Sinbad and his wife married, divorced for 11 years, and got back together.

75 – Sinbad talks about living in Europe in his mind.

Sinbad has 3 kids. The aforementioned daughter, and a filmmaker son, and another daughter. Sinbad is a purpose parent! What is your purpose for being in this family?

His 19 year old daughter is majoring in film.

80 – Sinbad and Jimmy talk Les Mis. His younger daughter was in Les Mis. She was Fantine!

Sinbad talks about being in the choir and having his dad shutting that down and telling him to play drums.

Jimmy asks about Sinbad’s singing character, Memphis Red!
Fred Wesley is James Brown’s trombone player. Go see Get On Up the James Brown movie coming out august 1.

85 – Sinbad talks about Frankie Valley.

We need funk lessons up in here. Sinbad’s Make Me Wanna Holla title comes from Marvin Gaye.

Get the special on amazon and iTunes!


What a joy!

New phrases courtesy of Sinbad:

Cowboy Logic
Purpose Parenting

Sinbad talks about the Funk Fest he did for five years with HBO.

Sinbad takes the hit on biker shorts and fanny packs. Everbody over six feet wore zoobas.

Sinbad’s taking notes for his show.

What a joy!

Canadians and Brits are funny. Being dirty isn’t controversial anymore.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper


Todd Glass Contest Entrants:

1) Kevin Balla – Turtle
2) Greggy Hockstetler – Turtle
3) Tanya Manthey – Weasel
4) Joe Blankenship – Cockroach
5) Raj Koup – Seahorse
6) Matthew Buras – Meercat
7) Ian Hughes – Wasp
8) Chris Andrusiak – Coyote
9) Scott Boland – Naked Mole Rat
10) Katie Baker – Portugese Man O’War
11) Paul Gilbert – Mosquito
12) Jennifer Zertuche – Squirrels
13) Drusilla Eyer Bonath – Ants
14) Christa Pace Martin – Chipmunks
15) Jim Mroczkowski – Dogs
16) Joshua James LaPerle – Raccoon
17) Dan Bookbinder – Stick Insnet
18) Wendy Dick – Turtle
19) Lee Bennett – Crow
20) Zach Wagner – Sloth
21) Piper Tilney – John Travolta
22) Raquel Comer – Armadilo
23) Mike Wolfraim Mosquitos
24) Kyle Dowling – Hermit Crab
25) Chad Pendleton – Raccoon
26) Jack Thoreson – Squirrel
27) Lucas Malone – Ticks
28) Dave Curry – Squirrels
29) Micah Morris – Pandas
30) Leslie Juhlke – Raccoons
31) Mary Giglio – Teeny Tiny Dogs
32) Samuel Hough – Possom
33) Michael Cusick – Zsa Zsa Gabor
34) Dan Padley – Jellyfish
35) Matthew Ockmond – crickets
36) Matthew K Hoagland – Former pro Wrestler George”the animal steele”
37) Evan Mumford – Junebug
38) Ben Bresulla – armadillo
39) Paige Newman – Platypus
40) Dwayne Tatum – Pandas
41) Kyler van der Gaag – Giraffes
42) Matthew Bylsma – Sloth
43) Karen Esquivel – Sloth
44) Susan Long – Squirrels
45) Jay Bee Hanna – Turtle
46) Carl Triolo – Pigeons
47) Steve Webster – Panda
48) Chares BR – Monkey
49) Craig Mitchell – Platypus
50) Chris Ehrich – 3-toed Sloth
51) Matt Ahern – The entire Kardashian family
52) Elizabeth Souders Couzens – Squirrels
53) Jason Gustafson – Kitty Cat (peter criss)
54) Justin Curtis – Prairie Dog
55) Christopher Melton – Lemmings
56) Ryan J. Smith – Bats
57) Scott Coomer – earwigs
58) Jenny Renfrow – Sloth
59) Xwsts Cumquat – Hipsters or Chelsea Handler
60) Patrick Floyd – Housecat
61) Sammy Leos – Pigeons
62) Kevin McClintock – Dodo Bird
63) Christopher Shaune McDavid – Panda
64) Ryan Hoffman – Gold fish
65) Renee Anderson – Shaky purse dogs
66) Lawrence Tucker – Guinea Pig
67) JR Cates – Orinthorhynchus anatinus
68) Jeff Bollman – Cockroach
69) Jake Iverson – Squirrel
70) Kelly Breen – Porcupine
71) Erikka Cheesman Solter – Chinchilla
72) Tyler Alexander – Tasmanian Devils
73) Brennan Loptien – pillbugs
74) Bryan Kessler – Sloth
75) Christine Cestaro – Ferret
76) Ben Thompson – Chihuahua
77) Jill Borde-O’Naughbaugh – Manatees
78) Eric Harter – Cat
79) David L Williams – Koala