1417 – Scout’s Honor with Jesse Thorn


The Leninesque Jesse Thorn

The Leninesque Jesse Thorn


In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 1417 – Jesse Thorn

00 – Hello! True to form Jimmy’s already lost Mad Dog. Some of the fans love mad dog, some don’t care for him at all. He found him again! Mad Dog turns it over to Jimmy.

So long Mad Dog! He might show up again. Love/hate. 60/40 hate ratio. Jimmy has a good stretch!

Nationals Announcer vs Mad Dog http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-sports-bog/wp/2014/05/20/nats-announcer-charlie-slowes-says-siriusxm-host-chris-mad-dog-russo-is-unlistenable/

Play by Play is hard!

Jimmy does a little Jimmy Dore impression. Oliver is here! Doesn’t wanna be on camera. Jimmy can’t guarantee Harry Potter, Legos, DC, or Marvel will come up.

Oliver shoots finger guns! He is also covered in some kind of food stuff.

Oliver is here so we’ll keep our language in check. Make no mistake though he will fire someone if need be.

05 – Eliot was late, we were concerned. Matt asks what Eliot’s sleep number is. Eliot explains his tardiness. He didn’t answer his phone for safety reasons.

Jimmy had a message yesterday. Matt asks if it was “deep tish.” Jimmy says no but he could have used a bit more force on it.

Jimmy was in rehab to get off the Monster drink. Oliver says he heard all about it. Oliver calls out Jimmy on his monster drink usage.

Jimmy walks through the monster thought process. 2/$3. New blue and red. Jimmy cannot even have the small monster drinks. He went home with a headache, unable to sleep, and vomited it all up. Jimmy officially apologizes for any aggressive behavior except towards Matt’s tone with everyone else.

10 – Jimmy insists that Matt was very mean to Eliot. You’d know the back story on this if you were in the Players Club! Join up at NeverNotFunny.com!

Jimmy’s gonna have to treat monster like alcohol. No more! Monster to Red Bull – Fly away queer!

Jimmy and Oliver went camping over the weekend! It was a nice time. They slept in a tent. Jimmy doesn’t know how anyone sleeps without a sleep pad while camping.

Forest Floor staring Tom Hanks! Too much running. PG Never Not Funny, guys.

15 – The camping trip was a boy scout outing. They watched Robin Hood and had cookies Friday night. Buy a higher grade cookie scouts!

Oliver ices Jimmy out to check out a graveyard.

Jimmy watched Confessions of a Super Hero. It’s a good documentary. Superman and Batman are both nuts. Wonder Woman went on to do some acting. She was a sweet girl in the movie but Jimmy suspects she would end up in porn. It doesn’t look like that has happened (yet).

20 – W.W. went from not embracing her buxomness to FULLY embracing it. Hulk seems like a good guy. He genuinely seems like he is trying to just make money and better himself.

The Dolby/Kodak Theater opened November 9, 2001.

Superman claims he is Sandy Dennis’ son. He is not.

Jimmy got a rash on both arms and wasn’t sure what caused it so he got some cortisone-10.

Matt officially apologizes to Tesla and Mr. Big for his guffaw last episode. He meant to sing Tesla’s Love Song not Mr. Big’s To Be With You.

25 – Jimmy liked Journey in HS. He did not Love them until 94 when he got Steve Perry’s second solo album. Jimmy didn’t listen to Journey Escape in full until 1994.

The scouts supply the food, which apparently is the best part of the trip. So Many Cookies!

Jimmy is trying not to eat sweets at night. Camping? All bets are off. Jimmy kept thinking how hypocritical it is that they’re talking about honor and stuff except if you are gay.

30 – Celeb sighting! Another Dad. Originally film, most recently TV. 85-86 horror movie.

Jesse Thorn is our guest!

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

1417! Our guest is here. PG13 NNF! Maybe that’s what that comment meant?

Some guy viciously attacked Jimmy on twitter. Attacked his height, hometown, and that he has comedian friends.

10 Year Anniversary for Jimmy and Danielle!

Oliver was a Oliver Wright in a living museum today. He gives us a bit of his act!

35 – first grade was better than second grade at this living museum.

Gloria Gaynor is alive! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloria_Gaynor

40 – Eliot is here! Oliver can see a video game characters underpants. Eliot’s got a pocket square.

Oliver is itching for that guessing game to get back! He is impersonating the listener apparently.

Host of Bullseye, Jordan Jesse Go!, Boatparty.biz is his cruise site.

45 – Russia pulled out of the space station so they can take on pussy riot. All hands on deck for these mouthy broads!

Oliver used to watch Adventure Time but says it’s boring now.

Lots of great entertainers on the Maximum Fun cruise. The cruise stops at a private island CoCoa Key.

Jesse admits to being a bad loser. Jimmy suggests giving 100%.

The MaxFun Con softball team had a lot of great people but not a lot of great softball players.

50 – Jesse hadn’t picked up a bat since he was a kid and he was the best on the team apparently. He turned the roster over to a really nice lady who just couldn’t create a good roster. They needed more ringers.

The guys talk maxfun softball for a bit.

House of David – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_of_David_(commune)

The cruise is in late July, ticket prices go up, some still available.

55 – Jesse almost went on a soul train cruise where Biz Markie was performing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soul_Train_Cruise

Matt, Jesse, and Eliot sing Biz Markie’s song just a friend.

Apparently Biz Markie has a sneaker room that is just a bedroom with no furniture full of sneaker boxes. As seen on the MTV2 series Kicks.

Jimmy recounts the funniest joke he ever heard: re the pollution indian crying, “You got time to weep you got time to sweep, pick up a broom cochise.” Jimmy wishes he could remember who that comedian was.

60 – Oliver really wants us to get to this guessing game celeb sighting. Still a good actor. He was recently on a show that both Matt and Jimmy watch and he was fantastic. Also in an 85-86 horror film.

Jimmy recounts a sketch a 6, 7 or 8 year old wrote at the camp.

Project! – Jimmy’s advice to Oliver.

65 – he was also in a sequel to something that jimmy didn’t know had a sequel. Justified is the show.

Jesse thinks 3 men and a baby has no jokes.

70 – The guy is the star of Fright Night. It’s the young star of the movie!

Some nerd at a wizard shop said Dr. Who is good for kids.

75 – William Ragsdale! Herman’s Head!


We’ll be back!

We’re back!

We love earwolf.

Jesse Thorn is here he’s going on a biz tour. BoatParty.org! Jesse wonders why you aren’t in the players club? Get in the players club! What are you doing with your life!

Jesse ponied up so you should too! Jesse would get players club for free because he is a friend of the show but he pays for it anyway!

80 – Jimmy thought he was donating to The Beast not some rinky dink website.
Apparently Pat Francis is in a twitter battle with some Skid Row fan.

Jesse was late for the show due to a trip to the phlebotomist.

Jesse did in fact just plug his phlebotomist. He’s got no complaints. Jimmy thinks Kaiser is phenomenal even though he has Sag/Aftra.

Jimmy enjoys an apple turnover.

Johnny Almond is either a man who travels the land planting almonds or a DJ on the Wave.

90 – Josh Reddick is the player that walks up with Careless Whisper. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/mlb-big-league-stew/josh-reddick-goes-to-bat-with–careless-whisper–by-george-michael-playing-193913993.html

Stop doing new things using funny things from years ago.

Jesse Thorn is in the hot seat! He did not see the video Matt questions him on.

Jesse turns the table and asks if he passed the ultimate question. Matt says case dismissed.

Jesse suggests the Kojak game for the game night.

Trim it up that beard a bit. Jesse has a fear of “peak beard.”

Jesse describes a prank that some football players played.

Matt’s final thoughts are that the rest of the country is probably still charmed by baseball player antics. Jimmy calls him an elitist a-hole.

It’s still baseNball to me! – Jimmy.

Jesse has summoned Mad Dog! He’s here!

Matt says to the fans that mad dog is the most likely to get a network tv deal out of anything we’ve done on this show.

We’re done!

Check out Jesse on Bullseye. Matt got a kick out of hearing the show on his car radio.

$50 off the cruise if you use the code JIMMY at boatparty.biz.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper