14F – Danielle Koenig’s Fogshirt Hat

Danielle Koenig

Danielle Koenig

To heat this episode, join the Players Club, baby!

NNF 14F – Danielle Koenig

00 – Welcome to the players club baby! Jimmy’s holding Danielle’s up but it isn’t signed so he throws it off. She signs it and he then holds up the valid version!

3000 mystery locations give discounts!

Welcome to F!

Get your VIP before time runs out!

Oliver says don’t be on star trek and not wear green or you’ll get the vulcan neck pinch.

Best of Foghat – http://www.amazon.com/The-Best-Foghat/dp/B0000032AT

05 – Lots of Foghat hat. and I get yelled at.

10 – Jimmy calls Rich Sommer for an update on the missing plane.

“Foghat” (a nonsense word from a childhood game played by Peverett and his brother)

Jimmy talks about the purple people eater. Poor one-eyed dog.

Rich Sommer checks in with us from his kids preschool. He has no info.

15 – Jimmy’s opened the floor to questions. Jimmy wonders if the oil liner guy saw smoke on the water. Matt says no but he saw some Fire in the Sky.

Jimmy and Danielle are going to see Queen with Adam Lambert.

Matt thinks it should be outside at the bowl.

Jimmy’s album Sprettzatura is now available on Vinyl! $15 or $20 if you want it signed. The value can only go up.

Make a decision Darby!

Jimmy wants more pictures of him on the walls.

We’ll be back with some calls and Movie Katz!

Welcome back to Foghat! 14F!

Jimmy sold 4 Sprettzatura’s in the bathroom. No signatures.

20 – Danielle says Jimmy does not have a fog hat shirt but he does have a fog shirt hat!

Jimmy opens a package addressed to the president of the CW MCCall Fan club. The post office almost didn’t give it to him because of the address.

Package from Whitney Shroyer! AKA Dr. Filth who does weddings. He sent a collection of CW McCall LPs. Danielle asks who CW McCall is and Jimmy reads his bio from the back of the LP.

Thanks Whitney!

25 – Jimmy’s down! He’s down! He’s okay guys! He’s good. We’re good. Gauze is a good word. Jimmy recommends Danielle return to the stage as a female CW McCall.

Jimmy said he will go with Eliot to see CW McCall in concert. The meet there. Jimmy shows up when CW goes on stage and he runs out immediately after.

30 – The guys and Danielle talk Nashville. Im 18 episodes behind so i’m lost. DAnielle talks about dustin hoffman’s character in her favorite movie that she forgot the name of (tootsie).

35 – Julliette Barnes is the queen of country guys!

Neil Young;s Pono – http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/12/5499450/pono-music-player-reaches-kickstarter-goal

Jimmy puts Neil Young’s Live Rust in his top live albums of all time.

40 – Jimmy tried $1200 headphones. Sounded great. Too heavy. Oliver does a black lady head shake and snap sometimes. Jimmy’s not seen this yet. Eliot’s here in a tie and paisley.

Matt’s here. Danielle reads some email’s from her mom.

45 – Sounds like Danielle’s mom and technology aren’t the closest of friends. Apparently an 8ball is an allergy pill and tea. Jimmy’s face feels warm.

Philadelphia with an F or a PH. Jimmy says Filly-Delphia about horses that fuck.

50 – Jimmy and Danielle both confirm the filet of fish is gross. Jimmy still has one a year. Also he’ll have part of a McRib. Jimmy’s brings up Meeshak (sp?!) Taylor again. Designing Women = Sex and the City meets The View.

55 – New Core rules: http://www.corestandards.org/Math/.

Jimmy’s mom has the best cursive apparently. Danielle’s mom is not on board with cursive going away.

Guys talk about more annoying TV watching habits.

58:58 Cliff Floyd Quote of the Week: “Well they’re both good players, well it’s up to you!”

60 – Matt solved his tip problem with $5 every time. Apparently you shouldn’t tip on tax. Tip based by the total before tax.

Christine McVie had an on the road affair with Fleetwood Mac’s Lighting Director.

Dionne Warwick was at Oliver’s school for an assembly.

65 – Dionne Warwick is not related to Bruno Mars. Danielle got Girls on Laserdisk. Matt loves the show. Jimmy thinks watching interviews with Lena Dunham might make you not like the show Girls.

70 – Jimmy’s on cough syrup with codeine plus allergy pill. Jimmy’s going back to Rich Sommer for an update on the airplane! Rich tells us again what happened. His information is based on an article from last week. Plane’s gone.

Thanks Rich!


75 – We’re taking calls guys!

Hello Phil Lee from Toronto. He’s outta here! Hello Anna from Iowa

Jimmy went to see A Time To Kill for his 30th bday with Pat and Pilar! They talked through the entire thing.

Cody’s voice deafened everyone!

Phil’s back again!

Now we got Cooper, who jimmy called D.B.

Cody’s back. Cody’s gone,

Chris from LA is on the phone cursing down the PCH in a 2002 Corola. Matt wonders which car his phone he’s in. Jimmy asks him how his ocean swims work.

90 – Jimmy asks Chris to apologize to the listener before cutting him lose (nicely!).

Danielle thinks Chris is doing the snow white play because of the number of parts.

We’re done!

Players Club baby!!
My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/The Thief/Cuban Defector/