14C – Burying the Lede with Mike Schmidt

Dimpled and ready for action - Mike Schmidt!

Dimpled and ready for action – Mike Schmidt!

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF 14 C – Mike Schmidt


00 – Players Club!  Head on down to Charlie 27!  Hola!  14 c as in charlie, or as Jimmy hates Chucklebutt,  Jimmy thinks Matt will end up calling Charlie Chucklebutt.

Jimmy and Danielle call oliver Goose.  Jimmy apparently didnt have a nickname as a kid.   Jimmy broke his dad’s heart the day he said he didnt want to kiss him goodbye anymore.   14C we’re there we’re queer lets get used to that.  Jimmy’s friend did not make it on the last train to clarksville.

05 – Stairs and Silence was a great song by Simon and Garfunkel.  One of the only times Jimmys got chills at a concert.  Another was Heart doing Alone, which has never been as good at that.

Jimmy’s on @Midnight this week!  Thursday night!

Jimmy’s admitting to being wrong about twitter as he is enjoying it.  Twitter nerds!   Jimmy’s looking forward to doing the show.  War Pigs is being used in a commercial for 300 and Gears of War 3

10 – Matt brought in a record and a comic book set for Kojak.  Jimmy’s chicago accent is getting worse.  Crocker looks like Dave Anthony .

Matt got it at a vintage store.  They were closed so he had to go back for it and HOPE they still had it.

The former third baseman is here!!

We’re gambling!!

We’ll be back.

Welcome back to the players club!  Gambling coming up!  Record frames on sale at target!

Im in a classic NNF t-Shirt again.  Also sore from work out.

15 – Eliot’s here dressed as Colonel Mustard.  Matt wants to get his lead pipe,  Jimmy says he has a led connector.   Not quite a richard dawson.  Close thogh.  Mustard Valour was mike’s strip club name for a while.

We all got invites to Mayor McCheese’s wedding.  Mike didnt get an invite despite having lunch with the fry guys recently.   “Oh No I have the hamburgler for english.” – Mike Toomey.

Hello Mike Schmidt!!

Jimmy is now opening the floor to questions!

Mike wonders if this is the kid’s table of NNF.  Matt describes it as the inner circle.

20 – Mike is a tendril of NNF.  We had legit spin off shows!  40 Yo Boy and Rock Solid!  Jimmy wants to open the kojak comic but at the same time doesn’t.  Jimmy’s email tone is “Tweet tweet baby!”  Mike confirms Kojak is a reality show.  Lots of racial slurs thrown around on Kojak.

25 – Matt confirms to stick with True Detectives.  It gets great after episode 2.

Jimmy quotes the source family documentary.  “I got 2 years of food buried and I’M NOT TELLING YOU WHERE!”

Mike enjoys Matt’s Twitter bio.

Mike might have to update his podcast title or it ends with a gunshot at the end of year 49.

There does not appear to be a Barney Miller record.

30 – Jimmy realizes we should not know this much about Kojak.

35 –  Peter Pan records.   Jimmy is reading what was written on a dollar i found.   Jimmy enjoys asians.  The guys go through some asians to appear on I Love The Asians.

40 – Mike quotes Jimmy’s act and he couldnt remember it.  He hasnt done it in ten years.

Jimmy always has ice cream at the ballpark and always has popcorn at the movies.  No. Matter. What.

He loves a the three flavor popcorn tin.

45 – song by hot butter!

Gambling time!  Jimmy wants to know why Matt is interrupting his bop bop noises.

We’re gambling on the cost of the record not what Matt actually paid for it.

50 – Jimmy thinks all the burbank information will in fact effect the price.   Jimmy 12, me 20, Eliot 15, Mike 10.  Actual price:  $8!  He talked her down to $10?!?!  Elyse looked it up and discovered the eBay value was $3.50.  Mike wonders if the woman at the store is a thrift store shark.  Matt says it was weird that she was rubbing her hands together as he left.    She did give Zoe a pin though.

55 – Eliot chimes in with his discovery of an unopened Kojak LP on eBay goign for $29.  Mike asks how much for the Mannix record.   Mike gets nothing of the pot.

The guys talk about Aloe Blacc.  Mike mentions seeing Bruno Mars at his sushi place.   Mike thought the Super Bowl halftime show was great.  both Jimmy and Mike are big fans of Bruno Mars and loved his SNL appearance.  Jimmy calls it Justin Timberlake good.

Pharrel Williams is 40!

60 – Jimmy prefers earbuds. Mike not a fan.  He compares the ear buds he uses to a magician cutting a woman in half.

Mike is mad at Snickers.  Matt recounts the time Mike got mad at a paper towel.   Mike wants a pile of meat from a brazillian place not a meat puzzle.   Jimmy agrees. Matt calls Jimmy out on not being able to even be around meat cooking.

mike is furious with the 2 snickers in a package.  Jimmy defends it.

We’ll miss Rob Lowe on Parks and Rec.  Matt will not miss Rashida Jones.  Mike’s also mad at hostess.  Jimmy says let them go.  There are plenty of snacks in america.

65 – Jimmy rants on hipster hostess fans.  Eliot says a hipster would make his own twinkie.   Degloving was Matt’s favorite character on superbad.  Degloving being the removal of frosting off a zinger which Jimmy is uncomfortable with.  Mike talks about all the snack mascots that are mad about hostess’s return.  Gotzito, Little Debbie.

Mike tells a story about getting a guy in a hawaiian punch costume to punch him on video.

Oliver thinks Fruit Pie the magician is the best magician out there.  Oliver isn’t a great magician though, he gives the tricks away while he does it.  Mike says thats like Penn and Teller so he’s cool!

70 – Jimmy loves magic,  The guys sing It’s Magic.   JImmy says the movie Magic has one of the top five scary moments in  movies.  Mike recites the poem from the Magic commercial.  Jimmy sings It’s Magic, and Magic Man, doing some rhythm.  Me joining in on that would have been like two sponges together.

We’re done!!  Loosey Goosey in and out like a hamburger sandwich.  Pat’s daughter said that once.  Mike asks which one said it, Jimmy says Rita and Mike says he’s in.

Thanks Players Club!  Thanks Mike Schmidt!

Check out The 40yo Boy!  Get Mike’s album The Big Angry from  Lots of shows hopefully coming up in the summer/fall.

Jimmy is supposed to go to Madison, WI next week but is suspecting that won’t happen because of weather.

See you next time!!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/The Thief/The Sloth