1401 – Joe Lo Truglio Kicks off Season 14



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NNF 1401 – Joe Lo Truglio


00 – Hello!  Welcome!  Brand new era!  Brand new day!  New world!  1401!

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Gmail!  Grammy mail!

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Matt and Jimmy agree the intro is fantastic!  Two intros.

The Players Club membership cards look great!

05 – Pick it up on Jimmy’s followers. He’s at 6k now.  Let’s get this going.  Jimmy apologizes for his former Twitter stance.  He is now on board.

“Cat hands!”

NNF start date 4/7/2006!  White guys talking.  Lots of comedian podcasters appeared on this show before they started their own podcast.

10 – Eliot’s in a costume.  Jimmy thinks he looks like a used car salesman.  I said a mob heavy.   Jimmy wants to slam Eliot’s face into the table.  Ultra violently.

Do some research on Blackfish.  Lots going on over there according to Jimmy.

15 – Joe Lo Truglio is joining us today! Jimmy has a Chicago accent so he sometimes pronounces earwolf as Airwolf.  Deal with it!

Who is in the Jack head?!  Jimmy thinks it’s Dave Thomas from Wendy’s.    Jimmy is not advocating keeping whales in bathtubs.  Just suggesting to do some follow up.

Jimmy went whale watching with Oliver.  Saw no whales, but tons of dolphins.

Jimmy wore tank tops nearly every day as a kid.  Rocky, Fonzie, no blank ones though.

20 – do some research on fuzzy wuzzy.  Fuzzy Wuzzy would be Jimmy’s CB handle if he was an overweight gay man.

Sexy and 17 was the Stray Cats in 1983.

Jimmy has issues with both ear and wolf apparently.

Jimmy not accepting of a wink from Eliot.

Glitter and Rat Race were 2001.  Gigli is 2003.

If you see a chance take it.  – Steve Winwood by way of Jimmy.

Eliot’s here!  Matt’s here!

Celebrity sightings coming up!

Jimmy watched the Grammys.   You don’t need katy perry coming out by the tits or pink swinging around by the vag hair according to Jimmy.   Go back to the theater or a ball room.

30 – Eliot ran his own karaoke.  Jimmy just knows that Eliot has a signature song.  Too bad he blew the bit by walking everyone down the road to funny.

Eliot’s Karaoke hammer is Frank Sinatra’s Night and Day.

35 – Matt and Jimmy expected something more poppy.  Audioslave Like a Stone?  Guys don’t want this one either.  So Eliot drops Copa Cabana.  ACCEPTED!  “Of course it is.”  Jimmy’s mad at Matt now for not liking Copa Cabana.

Matt’s Karaoke songs:  My Prerogative by Bobby Brown. Lose Yourself by Eminem, Getting Jiggy With It by Will Smith.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!  1401!  Episode one of the earwolf era!

40 – Joe Lo Truglio is here! Everyone loves Brooklyn 99! Richard Dean Anderson is MacGyver.  Jimmy thinks Joe has “fox money.”  It’s the fourth network!  Andy Samburg also won a golden globe and Jimmy says it stopped everyone in their tracks.

Joe did not get to talk to Bono.

Richard Anderson is indeed the guy from Six Million Dollar Man.

Jimmy late to the party on Veep.  He loves it.  Joe agrees.  “Sweet sweet Julia.” – Jimmy.

Jimmy confirms giving everyone $5 for guessing Richard Anderson.

He tipped a guy $5 at a carwash and he was ecstatic.

45 – Joe delivers a terrible story about JJs carwash.  Two people played Bigfoot on Six Mill Man.  Ted Cassidy and Andre the Giant.  Also, apparently there is a character named Deputy Cockrell!

Jimmy does some morning DJ voice going over our Karaoke songs.  Joe’s song is not Vehicle which inspires a quick guessing game.

50 –  Eye of the Tiger 6 weeks at #1!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_of_the_Tiger

55 – Red Bone is all Native American.  Joe’s karaoke song is:  Dancing In The Moonlight by King Harvest.   Jack Wagner does a great cover of that song according to Jimmy.

Joe thinks JJs Carwash should be giving Jimmy free washes after all the chat we’ve given them.   Joe got a new Mercedes 350.  “Radiant Silver Metallic, sir.”  He’s leasing it.

60 – Jimmy considering the Lincoln Hybrid or the Hyundai with his next car.  He’s going hybrid next time.

Jimmy’s Karaoke song is coming up!  His last time going was 96-97.  He hoped his balls would get licked afterwards.  It’s a country song.  One was Coulda Been Me by Billy Ray Cyrus.  The other one was Shoulda Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith.

Matt just so earnestly asked Jimmy to go to Karaoke.

Joe’s getting married in April!  April 19.  Jimmy kept guessing the wrong dates for Saturday’s in April.

65 – Joe met Mary Lou Henner and she told him about her weird memory.  She can recall anything that happened on any date.

Joe wonders if the Sochi Olympics are going to be okay.   The state department was warning american’s not to wear the Olympian sweaters outside of the compound.


Jimmy might be doing the zoo gig this year again.

70 – Joe thinks Jimmy can do When The Man Comes Around by Johnny cash.

Joe also does a lot of billy joel.

Jimmy coming around on Billy Joel.  He doesn’t like the innocent man or river of dreams albums but seems like he likes everything else.

Joe also does some Boz Scaggs.

Joe talks about the Golden Globes red carpet.  The cast would do interviews all together.

Everyone seems to love Terry Krewes.  Joe says he’s great to be around.

75 – Jimmy hates terry krewes now like he hates Jack Wagner.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!  Off air break was fun!

Jimmy got rear ended after taking a shortcut that turned out to not be a shortcut.   This is in Santa Monica.  Older lady, late 50s.

Game break while Jimmy confirms his information.  Joe and Matt discuss the Super Bowl.

80 – Joe got to do a stunt and got $500 for it.  This is early in career.   Jimmy thinks $500 was too much.   Jimmy can’t drink his can again!

Jimmy tells about seeing Gary Marshall, making a joke about it being gary marshall and it turning out to actually be gary marshall.

85 – Matt was at the soccer game wear that girl pulled her shirt up.

Back to Jimmy’s celeb sighting.

Actually his celebrity wife sighting.  Jimmy Buffet’s wife!  “I’m Jimmy Buffet’s wife.”  She dropped the name.

90 – Matt was rear ended by Nicholas Brendan from Buffy years ago.   His recent sighting was a music guy Jimmy and Pat would love.  PAUL STANLEY!  Matt froze and didn’t talk to him.

95 – Matt Joe and Jimmy reminisce about Kiss shows.

Jimmy guesses both my celeb sightings!  Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna and Lea Thompson.

100 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniseries

105 – Jimmy in a youtube loop finding where are they now videos.   Jimmy goes through the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack for Joe.  Jimmy has a John Hughes playlist called “Hughes.”

Jimmy talks about the recent soldier mom surprising her son at a basketball game.


110 – Deaf football player:  Derrick Coleman http://www.viralnova.com/deaf-football-player/

We’re done!  This flew by.  Matt calls it tons of fun.  Jimmy thinks he should get 3 weeks of free wash.

JJs in Eagle Rock – http://www.yelp.com/biz/jjs-hand-car-wash-los-angeles

Jimmy needs a smaller can or a can microphone.

Danielle nailed the taste of Jimmy’s Arnold Palmer drink as the Nestea canned iced tea from the 80s.

115 – Jimmy did NOT open the floor to questions Eliot.

Spoilers it was not nestea.


You know something is fun if they tell you they’re fun!

Holmes saliva scent on the mic?

Jimmy owned the fresh prince album. Joe announces he finally got a record player and is picking up some vinyls, including some Cat Stevens.

Cat Stevens album Joe was talking about http://www.discogs.com/Cat-Stevens-Very-Young-And-Early-Songs/release/2506297.

We’re done!

My Pleasure,

– Garon/The Thief/Cuban Defector/Scout/The Beast