1214 – Pat Francis – The Third Chair Returns

patfIn-Studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Jimmy Pardo welcomes Pat Francis for Never Not Funny 1214


00 – Welcome to 1214! Do not adjust your cameras! Jimmy is flattered that you are videotaping yourself watching the show. Set up the TRIPod. Jimmy fresh back from Atlanta. Snoozeville. Brought Oliver and Danielle but there was nothing for them to do. Aquariam, puppet museum that was great. they were downtown. Jimmy loves Atlanta but not much for them to be able to do with the family. Eliot had the idea of having fans taping a live show with phones. Matt likes it, Jimmy doesn’t.

05 – Stats sports bar. Stats: 5000 sqf. delicious appetizers and desert…average entrees. Happy 7 year anniversary!! Matt’s an anchor apparently, not a good way. Matt thinks Justin meant Albatross. Jimmy had the Sh

10 – Great shows in atlanta. Hilarious remotes. Jimmy got an autograph from Darius Rucker. Jimmy saw the Hawks and Nickerbockers B-Ball game. Oliver didn’t want to go. Jimmy got two tix for $27 anyway. They saw 3 1/2 minutes before half time started and Oliver made them leave. Jimmy needs to keep his wallet on him and control his family.

15 – We’ll be back with Pat Francis!

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Contest: What is different about the 15 – 20 minutes you just watched?

And we’re back!

20 – Got out of the Rihanna concert with A$op Rock. Jimmy does not like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Wine in the air! JImmy would enjoy a non alcoholic beer if any of them tasted good. Jimmy enjoys the negro and the injun style at fridays. He is currently in 2nd place at his Golf pool at work. Jimmy rocking some stubble today. Shaving chat! Pat suggests Jimmy go goldberg and get rid of her eyebrows. Eliot is dressed like the Culligan Man. Pat is working on Naked and Afraid. Pat loves coacello shots. Oliver is taking coacello lessons.

25 – Eddie Murphy tattoo chats. Jimmy’s step-brothers loved Eddie Murphy’s Gumby. Same day we heard John Ross Bowie’s Eddie Murphy story, Matt met Frank Peche (sp?) who mentioned going to coffee bean to talk to eddie about the beverly hills cop series.

30 – Tom Cruise chat. Director of Oblivion is Joseph Kosinski who directed Tron: Legacy. Pat tells a Bev Hills Cop story “I’ve been to the Kimbro house!”

35 – Guest star Emmys chat. Jimmy blames Tarrantino for stun casting tradition now. Christoph Waltz praise. Eddie Murphy more hits than misses? Turning my computer over to Jimmy to check out Eddie Murphy stats.

50 – Wrapping up the Eddie Murphy movie list moving on to Mike Myers! Cat in the Hat is awful. Jim Carrey is great in Grinch. Suess movies better animated. jimmy knows Mike Myers.

We’ll be back!

55 – We’re back! Jimmy crossed over in the bathroom his beard now itches. Four days growth going. WARRIOR DASH! Jimmy and Matt’s accountant is out in Westlake Village.

60 – Take Me was written by Sean Delaney and Paul Stanley. Gene Simmons chat. Matt says that the original script for Norbit was horrible.

65 – Warrior Dash chat! Jimmy ran longer every other day to train. Pat ran everyday until he hurt his knee (actually his hip flexor). Pat hadn’t trained for three weeks. All walks of life showed up. Side note: Mike Schmidt’s live taping went great! He did a tight 90 minutes. Listen for all the details on the Warrior Dash.

80 – Warrior Dash chat continues.

85 – When you finish the Dash you get a Bottle Opener. Jimmy very proud of himself that he did the race as it was so far out of his element. He felt great afterwards. find the stats here: http://www.warriordash.com/results/2013_California_(SoCal)_Sat_AG.htm# 6

90 – there were 281 people in the guy’s age group. Pat coins eliot’s new nickname: The Postage Stamp.

95 – Jimmy compliments Pat’s recent Rock Solid episodes with Greg Kidd and Melissa Etheridge. Glad she didn’t have to navigate a “Bum obstacle course” at the old place.

100 – Jimmy found a short journal from the beginning of the conan era Tonight Show. Happy 7th Anniversary again everyone!! Jimmy’s having more fun than ever on the show! Monster Mash is a first person account.

We’re done!

– Garon/The Beast/The Thief/The Scout/Cuban Defector