1212 – Wayne Federman

For Never Not Funny 1212 Jimmy Pardo welcomes Wayne Federman



Wayne Federman

Wayne Federman

00 – Glasses off! Here we are 1212. Jimmy’s looking right down the barrell! Jimmy wants a liberal fact checker at NRA ralleys. Soap box gone, glasses on. Jimmy is fresh back from vegas and exhausted from fantasy baseball draft. Also sayonara vegas, AKA America’s Ashtray.

05 – Vegas is off Jimmy’s agenda. His drafts went well. Oliver chose The Slash Genies as Jimmy’s second team name. Jimmy had to remind him that what happened in vegas stays there. “He saw some shit.”

GoDaddy Code NNF295!

One of Jimmy’s guys went to a hand specialist.

10 – Jimmy had traffic issues getting here. Eliot’s info “405 transition bad.” ANKA IS HERE! Jimmy will slice like a fucking hammer! Jimmy will buy the equipment from Eliot and get a homeless guy in here to run it. We’re all here! Jimmy is a little agitated. What Jimmy hates the most about traffic? Steve Winwood.

Hello to our guest who was also stuck in traffic: WAYNE FEDERMAN! In a new shirt. Not on sale or from a Ross Dress For Less. Shirt was from Old Navy, $24.

15 – Wayne likes a thicker shirt, a soft thickness. Jimmy prefers a thin shirt. Jimmy finds Old Navy jeans to be the most comfortable jeans he has warn. Wayne says old navy feels like ikea made the stores. Jimmy is back on board with the marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and Ross (his least favorite). Matt and Wayne prefer Marshalls. Jimmy goes Maxx for the Minimum. 60609 – Spiegal catalog.

20 – Department store, catalog, and baseball draft chat. Wayne wants to discuss the Eagles doc, but Jimmy has not seen it yet. Wayne says they come off horribly. Wayne wants to shut this down and go watch that documentary.

25 – Wayne says Jackson Brown is running on empty these days. Weird computer freeze. What’s Up Tiger Lily was directed by Woody Allen (and Senkichi Taniguchi). Take Me Out To The Ballgame was released in 1908. Cracker Jack started in 1893.

30 – Jimmy and family went to Kiss Mini-golf and had fun. you do put a ball up Gene Simmon’s tongue. They played some deep cuts which Jimmy loved. Jimmy says star spangled banner is from 1819 (its from a poem written in 1814, officially used in 1889).

Wayne often roots for visiting teams. He has no official team.

35 – The NBA superfan being discussed is James Goldstein. (Big Jim Goldstein as Jimmy calls him) his house has appeared in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, French Exit, and The Big Lebowski.

Moneyball chat! Wayne says the history of baseball is off the charts. Baseball movie chat. The Natural, Pride of the Yankees, are mentioned. Matt says the music of the Natural is great.

40 – Matt says regional slang should not ruin a movie for you. (i.e. Let’s have a catch.) Jimmy confused Field of Dreams with League of Their Own. Bang the Drum Slowly stared Michael Moriarty and Robert DeNiro.

45 – Oscar trivias. 1983 Best picture – Terms of Endearment 87 – Last Emporer 64 – My Fair Lady. Wayne guesses them all!! 1963 – Tom Jones wayne gets this again. 95 – Braveheaert (Matt and Wayne guess it). 2007 – No Country For Old Men.

50 – Let’s guess Wayne’s first (staggering) celeb sighting! Jimmy guesses Debra Lee Scott no one knows who that is. the answer is Quinn Cummings, who I don’t know who that is. Matt drops 1978 – Deer Hunter Wayne guesses it. 81 – chariots of fire. (I’ve never seen it) Dennis Christopher was a runner in that movie.

55 – 84 – Amadeus. Jimmy tries to give us some music trivia, and it’s the wrong song he is thinking of. Der Kammisar is indeed After The Fire. Bruce Willis chat. He apparently doesn’t like it when people on set look him in the eye. Les Mis singing. Wayne challenges Matt to name is top 1 musical: West Side Story.

60 – Oscars chat. Wayne calls featuring Chicago “Shameless.” Jimmy’s favorite is Evita. Les Mis and JC Superstar are up there. Wayne says Wicked is geard towards teenage girls (not in a bad way.)

65 – Wayne doesn’t think wicked matches up with the movie in an acceptable way. Jimmy being a dumby thinking he is being cool, “There’s Franco.” to James Franco. (His name on GH was also Franco, Robert “Franco” Frank).

70 – Jimmy calls Anne Hathaway a clown when she was hosting the oscars. George C Scott film is called Hardcore. “Turn the machine’s back on!” – Don Ameche (Trading Places) Scott died in 99 Jimmy says y2k scared him to death. Matt says they raised baloons in his honor. Luft = Aerial.

We’ll be back!

00 – We’re back! Jimmy goes into a Muppet character. the first video wayne ever saw on MTV – Hey Mickey by Toni Basil. who also appeared in Easy Rider and Matt says T.A.M.I show with Teri Garr.

05 – Kelly Martin, Ana Gasteyer, James Brown, and host Illeana Douglass were on Jimmy’s first episode of The List – Best Love Song. JImmy made a goo goo dolls joke and got hate mail.

10 – stewart copland morchiba singer sister hazel singer vertical horizon singer hosted. Wayne’s shirt still has a tag on it. He has removed it. Wayne was on The List as well. Best Album of the 80s. He brought GnR Appetite for Destruction (taken by a guy from Devo) so he picked Coda by Zepplin. Jimmy dislikes Devo. On his second episode of The List Jimmy picked The Knack for best pop album. (Get the knack)

15 – I can’t find the winner of best love song on Jimmy’s episode of The List. If you find it, post it on the FB page!

Jimmy saw The Knack’s reunion show. The host of Wayne’s show is apparently Brian McKnight.

20 – Jimmy enjoys Wayne’s company and he could do this all day. Wayne’s response. “Really? All day?”

Wayne is writing an article on the history of comedy (10 game changing moments in stand up.) Jimmy is mentioned! Jimmy is against Twitter.

We’re done.

Jimmy said Eliots thumb should not be up but should be leafing through the yellow pages looking for a job.

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