1210 – Fan Fave Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance

Rachel Quaintance

For Never Not Funny 1210, Jimmy Pardo welcomes Rachel Quaintance

In-Studio notes by Garon Cockrell

00 – We’re off to a great start! Welcome to NNF! Jimmy wants other podcasts to clean up the openings. NNF first as live podcasts. Plus Pardcastathon! Jimmy goes Glengary Glen Ross on the writer of that Live podcast article (http://www.timeout.com/los-angeles/comedy/comedy-shows-in-la-10-don’t-miss-live-podcasts). NNF App free and easy to use. Jimmy is into Apps but has gone game free on his phone.

05 – Jimmy may be addicted to email. Jimmy mad ad writer saying not to respnd to emails with a thank you. RACHEL QUAINTANCE is here!!

10 – Rachel’s shirt is the same color as the wall. Makes her eyes pop! Jimmy defends Bob Zany.

15 – Jimmy got an email! Contest winners: Everett Strong

20 – Words with friends chat!

25 – We’re betting on randomizer! $10 on a Fitya fiftya chance! 1 or 2. Im in for 10! Generate the randomizer!! I LOSE! good news you can bring knives on planes! TSA hating is just like everyone suddenly liking bacon according to Rachel. knives and Whiffle bats.

30 – Godaddy.com offer! Jimmy took advatage of the promo code (nnf295) daniellekoenig.com coming soon! FOUND THE ARTICLE! http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/10/etiquette-redefined-in-the-digital-age/

35 – Cliff Floyd Quote of the week coming up!

Warning: N-Word coming! Applicable for a story about going ot a ball game with a friend and his boss when the boss dropped the N-Word that made everyone uncomfortable. Rachel dated a black guy in college! Her dad defended her and her boyfriend to an uncle (His bro-in-law) who was spewing a bunch of racial language at a holiday.

40 – Rachel’s daughter dropped the n-word disussing To Kill A Mockingbird. Rachel used it as a teaching moment. Eliot is a “walking fucking emergency break.” – Jimmy

Jimmy likes 2 nerds discussing Fantasy Baseball not real players. Celebracadabra – celebrity magic pilot rachel hosted.

New Segment! Cliff Floyd Quote of the week: You want a player that’s going to play 7 days a week. At Least.

45 – EFF: Electronic Frontier Foundation. EFF.ORG/SHIELD to sign petition to push the shield act through congress which will help close loopholes allowing for Patent Trolls. Rachel can make origami swans and made a mobile for a silent auction.

50 – Jimmy checks out Rachel’s phone and confirms he made the right choice with the 5. Rachel predicts her origami mobile will go for $125. Rachel could not find her stand up notebooks but did find her setlists! Jimmy doesn’t like racks on doors. Jimmy learns daylight savings.

We’ll be back!!

00 – We’re back! Jimmy switched out a chair. He might be allergic to the new chairs. We’re all back for season 2 of act 2. One of the only 3D movies jimmy has enjoyed is Life of Pi. jimmy enjoys the songs from Bombshell, the SMASH musical about Marilyn Monroe. Rachel has Macklemore’s Thrift Shop on her play list. Rachel is in a Tempurpedic commercials.

05 – Jimmy has and enjoys a tempurpedic. Jimmy thinks Dick Van Dyke is right – 2 beds. Rachel and Jimmy are ANTI dogs in public places (ikea/ralphs). Take down Crate and Barrel. Wedding gift ettiqute: $50 if you’re single $100 if you’re a couple. “Chicken’s not free, Shooter.” Graham Elwood.

10 – No white dresses at a wedding if you aren’t the bride! Someone did this at Jimmy’s wedding. Jimmy tells a story about bumping into a lady twice at old navy. Listen to it!

15 – Peter Francis Changs – Jimmy is out. Rachel enjoys Chic-Filet. Eliot’s hands should be on the knobs not rolling velcro. Bad service at the chang. Waiter talked himself out of a 20% tip. Garlic beats Jimmy up. Last time Jimmy saw Martin Landau he was sitting on a paint bucket smoking. Sad.

20 – Rachel didn’t like Albert Brooks’ book, also she didn’t read it (past 20 pages). Rachel talks about Brandi Carlisle. Jimmy mentions the time he met Meatloaf backstage and mentioned the time he saw him, and meatloaf remembered the exact date of the show. he thought it was one of the worst he’s done.

25 – Rachel’s Set Lists! Debate of whether or not Rachel is a stand up is about to be settled! Listen for the answer. Rachel reads her Ralph’s letter about a guy who masturbated in front of her at a Ralph’s.

“I went on to work with that monkey again.” – Rachel

30 – Rachel trumps me on Golden Girls! Jimmy didn’t remember having a psychic on Movies at our house. Rachel trumps me AGAIN on Golden Girls. Jimmy fights with his new chair. Oliver is having breathing troubles, not sure what they are yet. “Well if he is legitamtely bronchial.” – Quote from what movie? Listen for the answer!

35 – One of Rachel’s favorite quote: How do you feel about Cleveland? – Tootsie (Rachel’s favorite movie, along with Defending Your Life.) Q&A chat about how the artist doesn’t want to tell the fan they’re fucking nuts.

40 – Surprise Call to Josh LaPearl, who tweeted his number to us. NO ANSWER. Now trying Matthew Bobola:

Contest is to guess how much Rachel’s Mobile goes for.

Everett Scott and Lawrence Tucker win Bob Zany DVDs.

45 – Pizza for One – You gave up. Stupid Question: Worst Pizza Topping You’ll still eat: Rachel – Canadian Bacon, Matt says tomato (as a topping) DICE SHOWS UP with his LADY!

Two Minutes of memory!! voicemail message from Josh is 4 seconds of silence.

We’re done!

– Garon/Defector/Beast/Thief/Scout