1209 – Rich Sommer and The Randomizer

Rich Sommer

Rich Sommer

In-Studio Notes by Garon Cockrell

For Never Not Funny 1209 Jimmy Pardo welcomes Rich Sommer



00 – Welcome everyone! Jimmy loves hats and paraphrasing movies! 16 Candles comes in at # 16 on Jimmy’s movies of all time! Jimmy brought his reading glasses! Oliver loves Mr. Magoo! Mr. Magoo Chat!

05 – NNF295 – 1 new or transfer domain for $2.95 at GoDaddy (maybe for hosting?)! Good luck everybody! Jimmy’s back on board!

10 – RICH SOMMER is here! GoDaddy info! Let’s give away this Harland Williams DVD! But first Jimmy tells the story about peeing on an electric fence and eating Sloppy Doe (Sloppy Joe made with Venisin)

15 – NNF Exclusive! Rich did not cry when his grandfather passed away, probably because he made himt ouch a wet weed to an electric fence. Jimmy knows no makes or models of dogs but tells the story of a neighbor training his dog with a cattle prod. Jimmy and Rich discuss why they can’t commit murder/crimes. Good Luck Charlie comes up again!

The Winner of the first DVD is Christopher Dillon! Email Pardcast@gmail.com to claim.

The next winner is Daniel Sawl!

The last winner is Dave Rachau!

20 – RANDOMIZER. hard to keep notes when we’re dealing with randomizer bets.

25 – More randomizer stuff. Once more Rich did not cry when his grandfather died. Jimmy sobbed when his grandmother was passing.

30 – This episode will be Jimmy’s apology to his father. Craig Bierko and Jon Hamm should have a charming off. Rich wins the Randomizer off! # was 21. Jimmy likes Rich’s Ride ’em Out phrase.

35 – Go Daddy code again is NNF295. Matt invited to Warrior Dash. Mad Man returns on Sunday, April 7! Random.org! They do it all! 22! Rich Doubles up!

40 – One More Time! Jimmy “enjoys” that pitbull video. Randomizer going again! Jimmy is chasing the dragon! We got problems! Casino chat. Best bet in the casino is the craps passline. Worst is Roulette.

45 – NNF at its best. Five guys laughing. Matt wins at 40! Matt says Jimmy Can’t Win. Mad Men back on APRIL 7! Jimmy tells a story about a school event with parent spellers and Olive’s spelling habits.

50 – Jimmy not good in social situations. Jimmy’s team dressed up like LMFAO. Jimmy wore the T-Shirt. Tells a great story about an interaction with another parent. I won’t spoil it. Great talk about interacting with other parents “having fun”

55 – Rich talks about his anxieties of having to be “on”. There was another team of parents dressed as Mad Men. Jimmy talks about the jokes he made about them to Danielle. Jimmy calls At Seventeen a perfect song.

60 – Their team lost at the school event. JImmy talks about how the parents kept trying to be funnier than the hosts of the event (one of which was Liz Feldman, writer on 2 Broke Girls.) Everything at this event was stacked against Jimmy having fun. Jimmy ended up wearing a madagascar rainbow wig during the event.

65 – Pauley Perrette is the actress from NCIS. Best convo Jimmy had at a function was about podcasts.

70 – One of the Ocean’s 11 guys has a kid that goes to school with one of Rich’s kids.

We’ll be back!!

00 – We’re back! Jimmy can’t get the clock working. Contest for Season 5 of Mad Men DVD courtesy of Rich! What was Rich’s # in the randomizer bet? Post on the official episode post on the NNF Facebook page. Now we bet on Matt’s Celeb Sighting. Listen to play along I won’t spoil it. Hilarious!

05 – Great celeb story from Matt, but apparently does not trump the Al Pacino, “I can’t even fucking imagine” story. Jimmy tells his George Segal story. Rich tells a story about seeing John Hermanson (Sp?) while he was singing one of his songs.

10 – 1:39

Stupid Questions:

Rich T. : Favorite non standard M&M: Rich and Jimmy both go Pretzel. Turns out everyone goes pretzel.

15 – Jimmy mangled the mounds comedy and info. Matt coins him The Mangler.

Tyler Johnson: @tylerinoklahoma – If your sons wanted to play football would you let them? Rich says he might gently steer him towards something else but maybe not say he “can’t”. Jimmy and Matt do not want their sons to play football.

20 – Happy birthday to Rachel Quaintance’s Daughter! Jimmy wants to know why CLiff Floyd is still broadcasting on Sirius. Go to the facebook page and comment if you agree! Jimmy talks about Fantasy Baseball shows on Sirius. Color Commentary not needed in fantasy baseball.

25 – Celebrity appretice chat. No one likes trump but we like the show! Jimmy drops another anecdote from the school event about a snack bar joke completely missing a joke.

@mattkrause – Most disapointing halloween candy received as a kid: Jimmy – Candy Corn. Rich – Bit o’Honey. Matt agrees with with Rich.

30 – Jimmy tells about how he met Caeser Milan and gave him the “good luck to you buddy” dismissal only for him to become a huge success.

The Higgins Boys and Gruber: The eponymous sketch comedy trio that comprised the show’s cast consisted of Dave “Gruber” Allen and brothers David Anthony Higgins and Steve Higgins.

35 – We’re done! Guess Rich’s number that he just said and post in on the FB comments for this episode. Matt asks if it is bad to be bored by someone else’s life. Jimmy is on board with the surprise phone call trivia contest.

Email us your NAME and PHONE NUMBER if you want to be on the surprise call database. pardcast@gmail.com

That’s it!

-Garon/The Beast/The Scout/The Thief/The Defector/The Gambler?