What the Hell is Going On with Never Not Notes?

Darryl Asher, looking innocent

First of all, I don’t appreciate your accusatory tone in the title. But I’m happy to answer anyway.

You know how much I enjoy doing the show notes, and making snide comments about our favorite podcast (Never Not Funny) and our favorite comedian (Jimmy Pardo) and favorite podcast producer, sidekick, administrator, squirrel (Matt Balknap). But, like all pleasurable things, sometimes life gets in the way. And by “life” I mean “being lazy.”

Well, no, not really. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’m finding it difficult to have time to give the Never Not Funny show notes the amount of time needed to do the job properly. But the good news is that NewDan / Bionator / CubanDefector / Garon Cockrell does such a thorough job in-studio, that there’s not much I can add aside from perhaps an occassional smartass comment or some icons and photos.

Jimmy responds to my slacking

So, that’s my plan for now. At this point, I’ve uploaded all the notes I had from our beloved and very-missed friend Dan Katz, and I’ve added Garon’s notes without further additions. For future notes, I’ll add my own comments and graphics as appropriate and time allows. You may also notice that the new notes are all added as “blog entries” rather than dedicated pages. This means there is no “Season 11” heading and menu, but it’s easy to find the notes you want since they are in chronolical order. Of course you can always use the search function to find the episode you need as well.

Thank you for your continued readership, fan mail, postcards, hand-written letters, and vaguely threatening pictures drawn in crayon on torn pieces of pizza-box cardboard. And a big welcome to Garon and best wishes to Dan!

-Darryl Asher