1105 – Jonah Ray – All Vinyl, All the Time

Jimmy Pardo welcomes first-timer Jonah Ray to Never Not Funny, and they discuss Jimmy’s weekend in Toronto, the band Chicago, Wacky Packages, and why Jonah released all of his albums on vinyl.

In-Studio notes by Dan Katz

Jonah Ray

0 – Jimmy made a human beep sound. Jimmy makes an announcement about a show he’s doing. Jimmy tries to figure out the origin of the term “Hotlanta.”

5 – Jimmy saw Chicago and The Doobie Brothers last night and saw a few cast members from “Criminal Minds,” including Joe Mantegna in the crowd. Jimmy has a beef with Mantegna’s potato wedges. Jimmy thinks Chicago’s sound mixer sucks.

10 – Jimmy talks about his weekend in Toronto.

15 – The guys talk about wacky packages.

20 – The guys talk about the fact that guest Jonah Ray has released all his albums on vinyl.

25 – The guys bemoan the loss of involvement in music-listening, now that vinyl isn’t the norm. The guys talk about Matt’s garage sale. Matt is afraid to give out his address on the internet.

30 – Jimmy huffs a marker.

35 – The guys think that Matt should get rid of AST.com

40 – The guys talk about the glut in podcasting.

45 – Jonah used to think that Jimmy didn’t like him. The guys talk about Jonah’s early days in stand-up.

50 – 55: The guys talk about independent comedy shows.


0 – Jimmy again has a problem with the bathroom smokers. Matt talks about the success of his garage sale.

5 – The guys talk about how Never Not Funny started. The guys talk about restaurants. Jonah talks about the nightmare that was working at The Arclight movie theater.

10 – The guys talk about movie theaters.

15 – Jimmy talks about some celebrity sightings.

20 – Jimmy feels bad about something he spoke about earlier in the show. Jonah talks about working at a record store in Venice.

25 – Jimmy talks about working for MCA records.

30 – Jonah talks about the crumbling empire of the independent record store he worked for.