1103 – Matt Braunger’s Shovelface

Matt Braunger returns to Never Not Funny to regale Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap with tales of his life in comedy and his role on the hit comedy Up All Night. Braunger and the guys also discuss music, LA-area cult figures, and women in the Olympics.

Show notes after the link…



Jimmy talk(s) about all the talk(s) about getting rid of him as host

Free = no complaints / Fee = anger

Jimmy Pardo: Piano comic

Jimmy loves the piano, but synth is more portable

Sign up here for refunds

Jimmy Glass shoutout for non-sponsored Frito-Lay products

FINALLY we get to the bottom of caloric differences in regular vs. honey roasted nuts (Degree of difficulty: serving size)


There’s deep confusion and depression over the nut problem

Jimmy has not one, but TWO $100 bills

Dan is still in his tight tee shirt

Jimmy is outraged at Eliot winking at the camera

Creeps wink!

Dan is allowed to wink as part of his complicated gesture



Why does Eliot have his own camera?

Jimmy still wants a wall between talent and tech

Mr. Personality, hosted by Monica Lewinsky

Matt Braunger, three time visitor, is releasing Shovel Face

Braunger is whittling away into Lowly Worm

Up All Night is a show you should check out, and not just because Baunger is on it


Men are stupid in TV shows and commercials

Up All Night is in Jimmy’s top shows, exact position to be decided

Jimmy has some bad news for Braunger


Matt and Matt talk, so Jimmy takes a snack break

Who knows why Studio 60 failed? Oh, we all do.

John Lutz, talented and funny performer

My job is better than your job!


“I’m gonna get a brat!”

Shovel Head, soon to be released

Matt Braunger insists his new special and album will called Shovel Fighter

Add “face” to anything for comedic effect

Jimmy weighs in on the top-of-mind topic John Meyer’s breakup with Taylor Swift

Jimmy has NO PROBLEM giving his opinion in the safety of the Never Not Funny studio


How Jimmy handles his duties at Conan

Mispronunciation for fun and profit, but not profit

Greg Proops’s gift of comedic mispronunciation

Jimmy Shelter, Rolling Stones cover act

This is a bad episode of Amazing Stories

Favorite cover band name


Iron Maiden: nerd metal

Never Not Funny Volume I features Matt’s fear of Iron Maiden

Hey! They sold a NNF Volume I recently!

Who’s in for a Schmidt hunt?

Tchaikovsky vs. Tolstoy


Styx: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Styx vs. Andrews Sisters

Jimmy has apparently been putting a lot of thought into his heavy metal cover version of Coffee in a Cardboard Cup

Do you want to be treated by a moonlighting doctor?

Minneapolis Rainbow Bridge

Boco_T (Matt) gets a shoutout


Jimmy pinches his finger in the mic arm

Matt thinks Jimmy hurt himself on the microphone wind screen, but thank goodness he didn’t and thank goodness Matt has not jinxed Jimmy by mentioning it was possible

Shakira heals Jimmy

Braunger avoids sexual hinting

Braunger doesn’t want Chad to feel weird

Fixing a car for an attractive lady


Doug Anthony Hutchinson and Courtney Alexis Stodden show up at Matt’s Trader Joe’s

Celebrity spotting

Angeline and her car as permanent accessory


Dennis Woodruff, filmmaker


Jimmy is comfy!

Dan Katz emptied the trash during the break, but who fills it up?


Braunger’s hip, one bedroom apartment with a made-up address

Joe Walsh vs. The Eagles

Life’s Been Good is a funny song, Matt says

The Eagles were a country band


Braunger’s new album, Face to Face

Silver Spoons, unwatched by Jimmy

Jimmy’s creepy mechanic is better than Gilmartin’s but not as good as Elwood’s

The Conan golf tournament was fun and funny


Broken-footed Mike Siegel carried Jimmy’s team. With a broken foot.

Jimmy’s golf frequency as declined dramatically

“We’re havin’ fun, that’s all that matters!”

Braunger’s new album Matt Braunger Brings the Heat

Real name of Matt’s album: Shovel Fighter

Braunger’s greeting card store career

Tonya Harding’s career and white trash husband


Dan found pertinent information faster than he has ever found anything ever, but it’s the wrong information

Jimmy gets creepy about Tonya Harding

Matt recalls Joe Millionaire


Here begins the complicated, confusing, convoluted bet between Matt, Braunger, and Jimmy; seems like Matt is screwed from the outset

Braunger’s creepy backrub-betting guy character should be on his next album Face 2 Face II: Back to Faceville

The convoluted betting goes on

Matt is determined to make his losing bet happen


Oh my God, Jimmy cut himself on the microphone windscreen, just like Matt feared!

Women’s skeet shooting will be the most high-profile event of the Olympics

Land O’ Lakes knees-as-boobs self-pleasuring


Jimmy belongs to the Dollar Shave Club

The details of this skeet shooting bet have really got to be ironed out

There should probably be a first aid kit in-studio, and the show is actually still going

Braunger plugs

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


In-Studio Notes by Dan Katz

Matt Braunger

0 – Jimmy talks about the negative feedback he got when Mike Schmidt left the show 5 years ago. Jimmy plays the fake piano. Jimmy used to consider learning the opening of Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park.” Jimmy does an extended fake piano riff strictly for the video opening for season 12. The guys try to figure out whether honey roasted peanuts are healthier than regular peanuts.

5 – Eliot winks and it sends Jimmy into a fury. Guest Matt Braunger is brought into the mix.

10 – Jimmy loves “Up All Night,” which Braunger appears on.

15 – The guys talk about what works and doesn’t work on TV shows.

20 – The guys talk about stand-up VS improv. The guys talk about rivalries in general.

25 – The guys talk about how adding the word “face” to any phrase is very funny. The guys shit on John Mayer. The guys talk about loving to mispronounce things on purpose.

30 – The guys talk about punny cover band names.

35 – Jimmy looks up Styx lyrics.

40 – Jimmy gets hurt.

45 – The guys talk about busting up innuendos.

50 – The guys talk about grotesque fame whores.


0 – Dan took the trash out during the break. Jimmy tries to figure out who filled the trash. Braunger talks about his apartment. The guys talk about The Eagles.

5 – Jimmy talks about the Conan golf tournament.

10 – Matt Braunger explains the meaning of his title “Shovel Fighter.” Matt talks about working at a greeting card store.

15 – The guys talk about the Tonya Harding scandal.

20 – The guys make a very complicated bet.

25 – Jimmy gets hurt again and bleeds.