A Glob-Like Update for a Bunch of Notes

OK. So. I haven’t forgotten about you, Never Not Funny Fan! Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap have continued to bang out fantastic episodes of Never Not Funny, but where are the notes?

It’s been a crazy couple of months! First, I had that one thing to take care of, then that other thing. Then, even though there was technically time to do some proper notes, my mental energy was depleted because of that additional thing. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t make me go into it here. It’s not the time, nor the place. So lay off.

Darryl tries to look innocent so you will not think he is a slacker.

Anyway, since we’ve now started Season 11, it’s only right that I try to finish out Season 10. So, in a half-assed effort to make it look like I’m doing something, here are links to notes that currently exist. Most of them are Dan’s in-studio notes. Not there’s anything wrong with that. The episodes that are missing notes may or may not be Never Not Noted in the future. So here you are:

Episode 1016 – Tom Arnold

Episode 1017 – Moshe Kasher

Episode 1020 – Samm Levine

Episode 1022 – Scott Aukerman

Episode 1023 – Doug Benson

Episode 1025 – Todd Glass

Episode 1026 – Pat Francis

If an episode is missing, that means I don’t have notes from Dan, and I have not written my own. Episode 1018 (The Three Hundredth) is actually in-progress! I’ll post it when I’m done. It’s a long episode. But now you have everything that I have. I’m not holding out on you honest. Please stop accusing me. I can’t live this way.

Let’s start over.