1003 – Jimmy Dore



As in previous Jimmy Dore episodes, he will be referred to as “Dore” to avoid confusion


Eye-contact and less-than-007 spies

You can’t not laugh at Rowan Atkinson

Three Stooges movie inspires bafflement and apathy

Matt Besser could be a vampire due to his agelessness

How Jimmy celebrates boxing day

Weird racist goings-on at Augusta Golf Club, or possibly some other golf club


NO E-MAILS about racism on Never Not Funny

Explaining the Amen Corner

Laying up with Chip Beck

Jimmy had lunch with his friend Ellis Paul


Jimmy mentioned on early shows that he wanted to be friends with Ellis Paul

Eliot is now ass-covering in his emails

NNF protip: Look at previous emails for info instead of sending a new email to ask for it

Dan: dressed as a Magnum P.I. extra

Dore’s biggest best intro ever


Is Ellis Paul “hippy shit”?

“The bathroom’s in their pants!” an inside joke for 4 people

Jimmy Dore had some interesting “blacks at Augusta” Google results
(Not linking it here! Do it your own self!)

Siri’s abortion controversy


Jimmy would be on Comedy and Everything Else more often but he’s allergic to dogs

Jimmy corrects a horrible error from last week: Dan Kaufman’s podcast is called Myoclonic Jerk

Working out on the elliptical machine


How Jimmy works out

The Montreal Comedy Festival and how Dore started getting in shape

Dore’s knee is in great shape now, but the rest of him is falling apart

Dore stressed himself out over comedy contests


Road trip with Dore even stressed out Doug Stanhope

Jimmy’s misuse and abuse of the apartment hot tub

Weight gain during Funny Money

Matt’s move to L.A. presented him with too much food temptation

Dore often forgets to eat dinner until late at night


The sexiness of Shakira

Is Jimmy still up on new music?

Subtitled Swamp People and how to catch an alligator

Cajun Jimmy has a story about this

Matt is surprised that Hillbilly Handfishin’ is a show

Enjoying Storage Wars


Matt is too logical about the production of Storage Wars

Dave’s annoying bidding method: yeeeeeeeeep!

American Pickers / Pawn Stars

How is Chumlee a celebrity, but not the Jimmys?

Jimmy’s pitch-perfect imitation of Dave of Storage Wars


Matt pitches his comedy auction TV show

What time can you wake Dore up? Never.

Dead Nazis made Jimmy sick


Jimmy wants Matt to taste Jagermeister

Quitting drinking

Matt agrees to at least taste some Jager is Jimmy buys it

What drugs has Matt taken?


In L.A., some people dress like it’s warm even when it’s cold

Dan has a unique way of commuting: he walks from where he parks!

Opinions about wearing shorts

Dan’s going to see if 7-11 has Jagermeister



Mitch Michaels welcomes you back from the break

Childhood DJs

Jimmy calls out Dore chewing food on-air

“I sometimes don’t remember to eat” Dore can’t wait to eat a 7-11 muffin on-mic

Why Dore and guests ate on Comedy and Everything Else so much

No Jagermeister at 7-11

Dealing with the homeless: eye contact or no?


Comparing the homeless between communities

Dore’s solution to homelessness and, accidentally, unemployment

Jimmy thinks Dore should run for office

Dore did standup at Occupy L.A.

Protestors apparently enjoy dick-jokes from old hippies


Dore’s Facebook activities

Jimmy is trying to steer the conversation away from extreme nutbar politics

Part of freedom is Jimmy’s freedom to keep his views to himself

Dore likes Facebook arguing because it provides him with material

Tuesdays with Moron


Dore called UC Davis because of the pepper-spray incident

Dore does a lot of journalisming


The system works! Dore gets ideological and Matt and Jimmy laugh at it


The Facebook 20 types of comments

Linda Holmes Monkey See


Dore argues with a 16 year old

We gotta get Dore out and exercising

Matt on swimming: “I don’t want to be tired and almost drowning”

Dore wants to know what happened to the swear jar

Jimmy’s new word: moron

Matt clearly understands what happened in a boxing match


Surprised at liking boxing

James Brown info

Dore’s best appearance on NNF yet

Dore is figuring out what to do with Comedy and Everything Else

The video contest is still going (name the items in the video opening)

AK-47 gone, not forgotten

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Hey audience, take your glasses off. The guys talk about bad movies. Jimmy likes to have some neighborhood kids come over and fight each other in his backyard on boxing day.

5 – Golf and racism. Jimmy had lunch with his FRIEND Ellis Paul.

10 – Emailing drama with Eliot. Guest Jimmy Dore.

15 – Jimmy Dore did an internet search for “blacks at augusta” and found something really racist. Siri is pro-life.

20 – Jimmy got a personal trainer who helped him recently lose 30 pounds.

25 – Jimmy Dore talks about how he blew out his knee. The story morphed into Jimmy’s experiences moving to LA.

30 – The guys talk about eating. The guys talk reality TV35 – If the guys from Hillbilly Handfishin’ have a show, why doesn’t Jimmy Dore?40 – The guys do a Pawn Stars re-enactment.

45 – The guys talk about some low points on the road.

50 – The guys talk about Matt never drinking.

55 – Jimmy wants Matt to try Jagermeister


0 – Jimmy Dore talks about his morning egg sandwiches.

5 – The guys talk about homeless etiquette. Jimmy talks about doing comedy at Occupy LA.

10 – Jimmy Dore’s facebook wars.

15 – Jimmy Dore pranks the police.

20 – Jimmy Dore fights with the UC Davis higher-ups.

25 – The guys talk about internet haters.

30 – The guys talk boxing.