916 – John Ross Bowie

In-studio notes by Dan Katz

0 – Jimmy is amped up on Coke Zero. Yesterday was 9/11. Jimmy talks to his buddy every time he drives to NNF. Jimmy loves Eliot’s new shirt.

5 – Matt’s daughter had a birthday party this past weekend. Jimmy fell in the ball pit.

10 – Guest John Ross Bowie is on these Ford commercials that Jimmy loves (Paul F Tompkins is the voice of a puppet)

15 – Jimmy talks about when he switched from “Jim” to “Jimmy.” John tells an awesome Don Johnson story.

20 – John talks about a Kenny Rogers Christmas Show.

25 – John talks about why he pronounces his last name the way he does. At Oliver’s birthday, the kids did archery.

30 – There was some guy at the party that Jimmy really wanted to know what he does for a living.

35 – The guys talk about Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter.

40 – MLB really fucked up by threatening to sue the any Mets player who wore NYPD on 9/11.

45 – John talks about what he did on 9/11.

50 – John has a crush on Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka.


0 – The guys talk about Twitter.

5 – Matt talks about an amazing twitter altercation he had with The Bangkok 5.

10 – The guys talk about the pocket of crazy that is West Memphis.

15 – The guys talk about how many kids you should have.

20 – John talks about the nightmare of taking his kid to a handicap-acceptable park.

25 – Wolf Blitzer is not a good reporter. The guys talk musicals.

30 – 40: The guys’d bail on their wives for Bernadette Peters.