Episode 4 – Paul Gilmartin, The First Guest

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“Hey everybody, welcome to Never Not Funny, the official podcast of JimmyPardo.com”

Paul Gilmartin is the first guest

Recording was delayed because the “studio” was too noisy due to gardening

Jimmy keeps his temple clean

Paul has no clue how Jimmy could have never tried pot

Paul smoked opium once in high school, but is now clean and sober

Mike’s pot smoking experience in school

Jimmy was a booze-thief

Paul’s disgusting story of swapping pee for booze

What about guys who claim to be clean because they don’t drink, but smoke pot?

Paul is now a better person

Matt does not drink, has never drank, and was “straight-edge” as a kid

Pot vs. alcohol

Matt takes a brave stand that pot should be legal

Matt did theater in middle school; General Snippet in The Mouse That Roared

Paul’s college theater experience

Paul lied about his height on his driver’s license

Mike got suspended before Ronald Reagan’s visit to his high school

UFO – Lights out Kalamazoo!!!!

UFO vs. The Michael Schenker Group

Paul’s new favorite group: Rammstein (Du Hast)

International rock

In the 80s, if the keyboard player goes down, the show’s over

Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute band

This is The Hague of podcasts

Paul: “Pretend you’re not an ignoramus…”

News magazines and whether Jesus is real

Paul knows the real reason Iranians hate us

Foreshadowing by Jimmy: “I will throw my headphones at the fuckin’ wall!”

Jimmy on the E! talking head shows

Lights out Baghdad!

Pancake hat

Paul Gilmartin man of a thousand hobbies (and a dozen guitars)

Paul’s Paul Reed Smith guitar investment scheme

The pursuit of collectables

Why was Matt into Paula Abdul?

Fitting in with your high school friends

Why do stoners like tapestry?

Masturbation while driving (first mention?)

Uncomfortable dinner seating

Jimmy’s dinner and feud with George Lopez

Tiny KISS vs. Mini KISS

Politically incorrect midget-talk

The Station Agent

Matt likes the idea of a group that has been shrunk

REO Shrimpwagon

Paul’s website: www.askarepublican.com

Theme music is by Daver www.davernoise.com

Running time: 45:00

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