821 – Andy Richter

Andy Richter

0 – Today we are talking about society. We are recording mid-day today. Jimmy sings “afternoon delight.” Dan bought an ipad at 7/11. Jimmy had a quesadilla yesterday that he loved. The guys talk sheikh shoes.5 – Jimmy’s having a good day at Hot Chick Corner. Jimmy coughs. Guest Andy gives Matt props for losing weight.10 – Matt doesn’t shave his pubes. Jimmy is flabbergasted. Andy is brought into the mix. Andy’s son (who is under the weather) and his assistant are here.15 – Andy got Jimmy his day job as Conan’s warm-up act.

20 – The guys get on Matt’s back again about shaving pubes. Jimmy is part Italian, Irish, and German, so he’s hairy, alcoholic, and tries to kill jews.

25 – The guys did an early record of Conan today, which Jimmy loved. Jimmy takes the listener through a day in the life of Andy Richter. Jimmy is still off Monster drink, but was tempted by the 7/11 vixen downstairs.

30 – Andy talks about trying to lose weight and his insensitive relatives.

35 – Andy talks tennis and golf

40 – When he was really young, Jimmy got made fun of by some bullies because he played

45 – The guys hate on ice skating and rollerskating. Jimmy yells at Andy’s assistant. ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynard are back on tour.

50 – We jump back into a day in the life of Andy Richter. The guys

55 – I had to leave ‘cause there were some strange noises.


0 – Jimmy is sick again. Matt and Jimmy are gonna rollerblade at the beach

5 – Jimmy Pardo is in love with Campbell Scott.

10 – Andy doesn’t like live theatre and fucking hates Shakespeare.

15 – The guys still hate on theatre.

20 – Jimmy had an awful experience trying to buy running shoes.

25 – The guys talk about being shy around women. And talks about what life was like on the Conan tour.

30 – We’re gonna wrap it up. Jimmy’s son, Oliver is big on poop humor.