Due to an accounting error: Pat Francis

Yes, we know he was supposed to be on 2 episodes ago, but the accounting department had a hard drive crash which left everything a total mess, so Pat is on 710 instead of 708. But it’s fine, because he is well worth the wait! It’s only a 2 week delay, but meanwhile it might take payroll up to 4 weeks to recover from the error, so we ask that all the employees of the vast Never Not Funny organization sit tight; your checks will show up just as soon as we can get them out. Unfortunately, the employee who actually mails the checks quit, because she didn’t get her check on time, which means we are currently looking for someone to fill that position.

Anyway, enough behind-the-curtain talk. Episode 710 brings us the complete Jimmy Pardo Quiz (thanks to Amanda Bremer-Zimmerman, a name which I think breaks some kind of rules regarding overuse of the letter M), along with witty repartee, amusing anecdotes, and various other jokish and funny content.


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