30S – Reef-running with Monika Smith

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Hello! Welcome in!

Nice Bingo last night!

Talking livestreams and baseball.

Jimmy talks about going to the baseball game and having his own section and being VERY protective of it.

Some couple came and sat down in front of him. The entire stadium is basically empty.

10 – “Shut up with your goddamn board game ideas! “

The truth is out! I’m a doper!

And maybe an OnlyFans model?

15 – Jimmy drove past the front of the LAFC stadium for the first time.

Jimmy’s on Magnum! He’s liking it but not Higgins so far.

Rick and TC apparently aren’t great actors though.

TV vs Movies

25 – Fun piece of Trivia

Who was originally up for Jessica Fletcher?

Jean Stapleton!

Talking Broadway

35 – Matt talks about Charlie and his dad’s relationship because of the pandemic and how little they saw each other.

More weed questions! But our guest is here.

40 – I come back to Jeopardy talk.

Uber Driver on Jeopardy is Ryan Long!


Game show host talk.

Weakest Link talk

The original Weakest Link host was Anne Robinson.

Weed and Acid?! I’m a monster!

Next week we’ll have the July calls.

All the calls are great!

More Bingo! More livestreams!

45 – Monika Smith is joining us!

She’s tall!

Thumberella! Coming soon for your phone protection!

New people!

We’ll be right back!

55 – We’re back!

Monika gets filled in on my secret drug life.

Mary Tyler Moore talk!

Monika is rewatching Golden Girls.

60 – Let’s learn about Monika!

Felix is her dogs name.

Her dad used to know Howie Mandel.

1h5m – Monika’s mom is a Danish-Canadian.

Monika started as a model in NYC.

Amazon is here brb.

1h10m – Monika talks about her experience as a model.

She would drink straight vodka, she didn’t know any better.

She paid her way through school with her modeling!

1h15m – Monika talks about dating during the pandemic.

She’s currently dating someone

Back to fedoras. What hat could Jimmy look in?



1h30m – Doc Talk:

The Deep End and Keep Sweet

Talking banging around!

Springsteen and Grohl showed up at Paul McCartney’s last show.

1h35m – Hamilton talk!

Joan Didion passed December 23, 2021.

Monika talks about her dad and his fitness.

1h40m – Around the horn!

Bad Movie talk! Freddy Got Fingered, Movie 47



Monika talks about meeting Joe Flaherty.

John Larroquette is 6’4’’

1h50m – Monika has Celiac Disease.

Monika talks about going to the great barrier reef and it being a massive storm.

1h55m – Bryan Adams talk!



My S is Sears!

Johnny Soundbar!

Familliare upgrade update!

Eliot’s S is Staples

2h10m – Monika’s S is Stovetop

Matt’s S Sony

We hear the fans!

Jimmy’s family owns some subway locations?

Jimmy’s five:

5) Silver Shamrock Masks

4) Saturn

3) Starbucks

2) Subaru

1) Supercuts

No winner!

Mike Rock is killing it with guest suggestions! Thank you!

Happy early birthday Monika!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole