Who the hell is Steve Almond?

I’ve never heard of him either, so don’t feel bad! Turns out he’s a writer and wrote this whole book called Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life.

The book sounds like it’s pretty good, and funny, and interesting. But who cares? What you want to know is: Is Steve Almond a good guest for Never Not Funny? Or should you start whining now about how this isn’t Oprah, or Book Club of the Month.

Well, gang, hold off the whining! Steve Almond is a very funny dude in a Chocolate Boy tee shirt who fits right in with the show as easily as a thing that fits another thing fits that thing.

Funny stuff abounds, and Jimmy nearly has to kick Steve off the show when he calls him a name which I won’t spoil but it’s “fucker.”


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  • Germz

    for your notes, a rock/bad ronald mashup:

  • Pelkey!

    He’s the first NNF guest I can remember Jimmy telling to “shove it up your $##!” And his instant response was very impressive! This is one of my top 5 NNF episodes, for sure!