2913 – Facing reality with Kate Casey

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 29 – Kate Casey

00 Hello!

Well shows over. See ya!

Magical Magical timer!

Metal vs Magnets – https://sciencing.com/kinds-do-not-stick-magnets-6832309.html

Talking Daylight Savings Time.


What hours are best? Summer or winter?

No tones!

“Come and get me.” – Eliot

“It’s me your murderer!” – Eliot

10 – SNL talk

AJJ did his Trump!

Dionne Warwick and Ed Sheeran talk.

15 – Do you watch or fast forward the music acts?

Our guest is here!

I didn’t hear a lot of what was said. Sorry!

West Side Story talk.

Brief Eternals talk.

Jimmy didn’t see anything new this week at the theater.

The Pardo-Koenig watched The Day After! “It’s Phenomenal!”


25 – Talking Pandemic and how we hope it should be the only major event we experience.

Eliot talks about Solar Flares and our dependence on technology.

Flares! Both Solar and Chili’s.

Celebrity sighting? We’ll wait for the guest!

Doctor Sugarman!

Matt talks Covid testing.

UPN launched on January 16, 1995.

Kevin Connolly!

The WB launched on January 11, 1995

35 – Jimmy talks about his past working for The WB.

Kate Casey is here! She has 5 kids!

Kate’s son apparently looks like George W Bush.

She was a white house intern right around the time of the Monica Lewinski scandal.

Talking Melrose Place Alum spouses.

Josie Bissett was married to Rob Estes.


Reality Life is Kate’s podcast.

Kate has NXIVM gossip.

We’ll be right back!

50 – We’re back!

Jimmy may have had a stroke.

Jimmy’s having some speech issues.
He cut his own hair!

Kate did NOT go to medical school but she is familiar with Sleep Paralysis.

Kate talks about the shows she likes surrounding the reality world.

There is a connection between Sleep Paralysis and Psychic abilities?

She enjoys the Masked Singer.

Talking Tyler Henry: Hollywood Medium

55 – Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart Hallmark Movie alum?

Kate shares her current obsessions. The Lost Sons on CNN. She talks about it.


The Way Down – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Way_Down_(TV_series)


60 – What draws people to this cult leaders?

The best two cult docs according to Kate are Holy Hell (Amazon Prime) and The Cult of the Family

Holy Hell – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Hell_(film)
The Cult of The Family – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Family_(Australian_New_Age_group)

More NXIVM talk.

1h5m – Buried on Showtime.



Post doc talk doc talk theme song

1h10m – The Devil Next Door is another good doc.

Is Jimmy talking about Perfect World: The Gamer Murders?

Monster In The Shadows?

1h15m – Kate wants to talk about shows people think are funny but aren’t.

Which friend will do a Friends podcast? Probably Janice.

Kate can’t watch Musical movies. Her mom dated the director of Grease. He later came out.

Jimmy’s Karaoke song is Could’ve Been Me by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Kate’s is a fun singer. She got a full lift during that dirty dancing song.

It’s Raining Men is her go to song.

1h20m – Matt’s celebrity sighting!

1h25m – Jimmy is convinced he’s gonna end up with a black eye next time he runs across Joe Rogan.

It’s Kumail!

1h30m – We haven’t seen Kumail since PCAT 2017.

1h35m – More docs!

Oliver’s Trivia!
Category: Literature
Question:.What famous Children’s book was written on a bet that author couldn’t write a book in 50 words or less?

We’ll be right back!

1h40m – We’re back!

Kate talks about having Phil from Amazing Race and Marcus from The Profit.

My answer is Where The Wild Things Are
Eliot: Everybody Poops
Matt: Hop on Pop
Kate: Goodnight Moon
Jimmy: Goodnight Moon

The answer is Green Eggs and Ham.

Talking books!
Kate’s reading Katy Couric’s book. She’s not trashing people as much as people are saying.

1h45m – Is Matt’s next project gonna be an oral history of podcasting?

No more zooooooooooom.

Thank you Kate!

Listen to Reality Life on Wednesday and Friday!

See you next time!

Trivia Results:
Category: Literature
Question:.What famous Children’s book was written on a bet that author couldn’t write a book in 50 words or less?

Garon: Where The Wild Things Are (21 pts)
Eliot: Everybody Poops (1 pts)
Matt: Hop on Pop (8 pts)
Kate: Goodnight Moon (4 pts)
Jimmy: Goodnight Moon (6 pts)

Answer is: Green Eggs and Ham

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth