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910 – Damien Fahey

910 – Damien Fahey message board for this episode Intro: Jimmy goes right to camera due to the guest and panics 1:14 Next episode 911: time to celebrate 1:30 Aaliyah’s death was overshadowed by 9/11 2:00 Matt’s mispoken Darva Conger reference 2:50 Ken Marino bought muffins out of guilt 3:50 Enjoying tuna since 2010: Eliot Hochberg from […]

802 – Craig Bierko

802 – Craig Bierko

Notes for this episode by special guest NeverNotNoter Tom Bolton! Thanks Tom for your hard work and thorough coverage of this episode!   PARDCAST.COM MESSAGE BOARD FOR THIS EPISODE 1:41 Santa is Lionel Richie 2:06 No one knows where Dan is 3:30 Craig is Tall, Jimmy isn’t. Offensive. 3:54 2nd most handsome guest behind Jon […]