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907 – Maria Bamford

907 – Maria Bamford

  PARDCAST.COM MESSAGE BOARD FOR THIS EPISODE INTRO: Jimmy is still the host, despite ongoing threats of replacement 1:48 Eight Miles High (Sorry Jimmy, not Three Miles High) 2:30 Dragging Oliver around the midwest 3:40 Jimmy needs Dan’s iPad NOW!!!!! 4:10 Eliot totally outs Dan! 4:45 Jimmy taught Oliver about cheese-cutting 5:10 Eliot’s thumb 6:00 […]

906 – Pat Francis

906 – Pat Francis message board for this episode INTRO: Jimmy the Postman is another in a long line of characters developed by not being able to speak 2:00 Rape is never funny, except when it is 2:45 Recording on July 4th, which is a snooze of a holiday, if you’re a star like Jimmy 3:30 Roosevelt’s […]

905 – Rebecca Corry

905 – Rebecca Corry message board for this episode Intro: Jimmy Pardo, host since episode 1, despite threats of replacement 2:20 Jimmy Pardo = christmas tree 3:00 Barefoot Sunday in the Park with George 4:00 Stephen Sondheim’s Company 4:50 The loves of Jimmy’s life, including Patti Lupone 6:00 Company vs. Rent 7:30 Dan is not sponsored by Palmer […]

904 – Wil Anderson

904 – Wil Anderson message board for this episode INTRO: Professional Podcaster Jimmy Pardo introduces himself and the show. Like a professional. Which he is. 1:30 Bounce Bar stains Jimmy’s Mandy Patinkin costume 2:15 Eliot deserves grief for tardiness 3:00 Jimmy and Matt need stand-ins for Eliot’s preshow setup 4:00 Mannequin was a movie that was made 4:30 […]