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Sorry for the hiatus – but now back with Rachel Quaintan...

Sorry for the hiatus – but now back with Rachel Quaintance

Hello Never Not Funny and Never Not Notes fans. I apologize for the break in the action, but I had some personal stuff going on that, frankly, had to take priority over Never Not Notes. For now, I’m skipping the final few Season 7 episodes, and starting with Season 8. I’ll catch up on the […]

803 – Pete Holmes

Note: These show notes were taken by Dan Katz in-studio during the taping of the episode. Thanks Dan! 0 – Pardcast-a-Thon was an amazing success. 5 – Jimmy reads off some of the top donators from Pardcast-a-Thon. 10 – Jimmy talks about his growing like of guest Pete Holmes. Pete Holmes is not Dave Holmes, […]

802 – Craig Bierko

Notes for this episode by special guest NeverNotNoter Tom Bolton! Thanks Tom for your hard work and thorough coverage of this episode!   PARDCAST.COM MESSAGE BOARD FOR THIS EPISODE 1:41 Santa is Lionel Richie 2:06 No one knows where Dan is 3:30 Craig is Tall, Jimmy isn’t. Offensive. 3:54 2nd most handsome guest behind Jon […]