16C – Partying Hearty with Matt Weinhold

Join the Players Club In studio notes by Garon Cockrell Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher @mattweinhold Website Monster Party Podcast Youtube Channel 00 – ABORT! Welcome to Never Not Funny! Players Club 16C. We’re all wearing our VIP Daddy’s Dojo shirts from OneKolor.com! Jimmy did the someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah riff with Oliver. Jimmy’s wearing the […]

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16B – Swapping Stories with Neil Garguilo and David Park

NNF Players Club 16B – David Park and Neil Garguilo @neilgarguilo @davidpavid @mockpocalypse http://www.axs.tv/category/comedy-bcat/mockpocalypse/ Thursdays 8/11 on AXS TV. Dr God Live 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. 10PM at IOwest in Hollywood. 16 Ballad 00 – Hello and welcome! Jimmy thrown by voices in the hall! Safety first on the water guys. The door outside is missing. They’re […]

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15W – Cashing Checks with Wayne Federman

After-the-fact, not by Skype, or in-studio notes by Darryl Asher www.WayneFederman.com You can also see Wayne Federman playing cards with Kenny Rogers in an unavoidable but very funny commercial running on television, streaming services, and in your dreams. 0 Welcome to 15W! Eliot annoys Jimmy as soon as the show starts Jimmy apologizes for not being sensitive about Eliot’s mother […]

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